Therese Postel C’10


Therese studied Political Science and Arabic at Drew and received her M.A. in International Affairs from The New School, with a concentration in conflict and security. She interned for The Fund for Peace, The World Food Programme and the Counter-Terrorism Division of the NYPD. She served as a Policy Associate for The Century Foundation and has been published on the topic of terrorism in The Atlantic. Therese worked at the Office of Emergency Management in NYC before passing her Foreign Service Exam and accepting a post in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Shamila Kohestani C’12


Shamila majored in political science and minored in women’s studies. Ten years ago Shamila was beaten by the Taliban, deprived of any education from age 8 to 13, and confined to her home in Kabul. Shortly after the Taliban were removed from power, she began to play soccer. Her soccer involvement and position as the captain of the first Women’s Afghan National Soccer Team, led to receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award and a scholarship to attend Blair Academy in New Jersey. She was an active volunteer counselor at the Julie Foudy Leadership Camps in Chicago, San Francisco, and New Jersey. She interned for three weeks at a program in Washington, D.C. called I Live to Lead: Leadership Summit. Today, Shamila works at the International Republican Institute in Washington D.C., where she lives. Read more about Shamila.

Sharif Hussein G’12


Sharif received his M.A. in teaching from Drew with a focus on History and constantly works  to spread his knowledge and skills to youth around the world. Sharif is actively engaged in soccer education, social media technology, and community gardening; community building programs in local Irvington and Newark NJ. Internationally he has taught soccer education courses in Lebanon and plans to expand this work into the future. He is the soccer coach at Columbia Senior High School in South Orange and is running a youth soccer program in Lebanon.

Selime Aksit C’12


Selimestudied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as well as Studio Art at Drew. She plans to pursue medicine and is passionate about building bridges of communication between peoples of conflict. She supports organizations like AGFAF. Selime teaches English as a Second Language.

Fatou Diallo C’13


Fatou studied Political Science and Economics at Drew and minored in French/Middle East Studies. Originally from Senegal, West Africa, Fatima immigrated to the U.S at the age of 11; at Drew she was the President/founder of Drew Project Yaakaar; a service learning club that works with girls education and empowerment in rural Senegal. Fatima’s philosophy and motivation in life is to not only dream, but to also take action and turn those dreams into reality.  Fatou interned at the United Nations as a Global Youth Advocate. She now works in international finance in Dubai.