Faculty and Staff Support


For Faculty/Staff

Don’t forget our Self Help Resource Page!

Bring a Counseling workshop to your class

We can join your class via Zoom to run a short workshop on a variety of topics to help your students manage the stresses of university and family life. Check out our list here.

Counseling for staff and faculty

Although we don’t private therapy for staff or faculty, you can email counseling@drew.edu or one of our staff to set up a consultation to talk over private referrals for yourself. You can also check the tips on our referral page on how to find a therapist.

Using the Drew Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

All Drew University employees and their family members are able to access mental health counseling through Guidance Resources of Compsych EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

You simply call (800) 311-4327 using the compweb ID:  GEN311.
Individuals are given the names of therapists in their area to call and are approved for 5 sessions.  There is no copay and services are free to the employee or family member.   After 5 sessions, the employee has the option of using his/her insurance or paying out of pocket.
The University is NOT notified when anyone accesses these benefits and it is strictly confidential.  Employees can call the EAP directly with any specific questions.

Worried About a Student?

If it is not a critical emergency where someone is in danger, fill out a Student of Concern form. https://cm.maxient.com/reportingform.php?DrewUniv&layout_id=1


Drew Student Activities Created a Quarantine Virtual Survival Guide which includes a list of virtual activities, events, and meet-ups.

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