Yuliya Grinberg

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Yuliya Grinberg

Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Business


Yuliya Grinberg (Ph.D. Columbia University) is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Business. Her research raises questions about the social impact of digital data, the role of gender in computing, and the future of work in the age of automation. Her first book, Data Entrepreneurialism and the Digital Body (under contract with Cambridge University Press) focuses an anthropological lens on the developers of wearable technology and analyzes how digital knowledge is produced in the tension of analytic savvy, entrepreneurial habit, and commercial pressure. Dr. Grinberg also holds a B.S. in Marketing from NYU Stern School of Business and has worked as a brand strategist and as qualitative research across a range of categories, including CPG, B2B, and the technology sector. She teaches courses on marketing and business anthropology, as well courses that address the ethical, social, and political issues as they relate to questions of technological innovation, automation, and big data.