General Education

Know exactly where life is leading you? Not likely! Today’s graduates can expect to change careers five times in their working lives.

You need to be prepared to adapt (and fast!) to new people, places, and possibilities. What kind of education gives you that flexibility? A Drew education does, by combining liberal arts traditions with academic innovations calibrated to the demands of the 21st century. Our general education plan builds well-rounded, well-grounded citizens of the world by leveraging strengths that are distinctly Drew: interdisciplinary collaboration, self-directed exploration, local and global awareness, and full engagement with ideas in the classroom and action in the community.

This isn’t a punch list of required courses; it’s a purposeful, four-year academic journey that’s yours and yours alone. Close study in your major combines with wide exploration across the liberal arts to give you both depth and breadth of knowledge. Sequential coursework builds your mastery of fundamental liberal arts proficiencies in writing, reasoning, and information analysis. Study of a foreign language and diverse cultures puts your knowledge into a global context, while off-campus learning experiences and civic engagement courses connect the classroom’s lessons to the world’s realities.

The result? You graduate from Drew a sophisticated thinker, with the confidence to read, write, and reason across shifting contexts and within different cultures and communities. You can analyze complex problems through to a rational solution. You can collaborate in groups and find common ground among colleagues. You can argue persuasively, disagree civilly, and act decisively. These are the skills most valued in the 21st-century workplace-and most essential to the rewards of full citizenship in a participatory democracy. A foundation for all life’s twists and turns-it’s all part of the Drew plan.

The Common Hour

Nothing common about it. Every Wednesday at noon, the entire first-year class comes together for the shared experience of the Drew Common Hour. It’s a year long orientation to life at Drew, with activities practical, cultural, and intellectual. Hear big-name speakers tackle today’s hot-button topics. Break into small groups to discuss the summer reading assignment. Get the inside scoop on majors, career services, academic advising, and other campus-life issues. You’ll fully connect with Drew—and with your first-year classmates.

Common experience creates community, and that’s why Drew created the Common Hour. By immersing first-year students, immediately and meaningfully, into university life, the sessions ease your transition to Drew. And your College Mentor—the upper-class student who assists with your College Seminar—leads you and your classmates through the Common Hour as a group. The result? You get to know more people more deeply. You extend your circle beyond the classroom and the residence hall. And you build on these new ideas, skills, and friendships to make the most of Drew, starting your first year here.

This is a common hour with uncommon power—and it’s so vital to the Drew experience that we give you credit for it.