Welcome to Drew University and the Community Education Audit (CEA) Program! We want you to be comfortable and successful while you’re fulfilling your requirements with us. We hope that this information will help ease your way into a new educational system.


The fall 2015 course list will be available for your review on April 1st at the Community Education Auditor Home Page.

Registration for the Fall 2015 term begins August 20th at 9:00am. Classes begin August 27th. The last day to register for class is Friday, September 11th. If you register between September 5th and September 11th, you must receive the written approval of your instructor.

We are no longer offering ESL (English as a Second Language) courses.

Effective March, 2014, all Au Pairs and CEA students are required to submit Health Forms. See details below. 

Online registration will open for all Au Pairs and CEA students on August 20, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. Classes begin August 27th. Students may register up until Friday, September 11th. You must receive permission of the instructor if you are enrolling between September 5-11th, 2015.

General Information

Please review the information on this web page with your host family.  If you have any additional questions after reviewing this information with your host family, please feel free to give our office a call at (973) 408-3293.

Health Forms

Effective March 2014: In the interest of maintaining a healthy campus and minimizing the risk to all students from infectious disease, health documents and vaccination records are required for all students, including Au Pairs and Community Education Auditors. Health Forms are required as of the fall 2014 semester. Completed forms must be submitted prior to the first day of class. Health Forms.

A $10 late fee will be assessed by Health Services if your health forms are not submitted by July 15 for the fall semester or January 15 for the spring semester. Students admitted 2 weeks (14 calendar days) or less before the appropriate due date, or admitted after the due date, have 30 calendar days from date of enrollment to submit forms on time. *Students admitted late should notify Health Services to avoid a late charge.

Note: The Health Office requires proof of two MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccinations. Please be sure to include the dates you received all immunizations.


Classes for the Fall 2015 semester begin on August 27, 2015. Academic Calendar. 

New Student Applications

All Au Pairs who did not take courses during academic year 2014-15 must complete an Au Pair Application for the fall term 2015.  The application will be available June 1st. Within 4 business days of submitting the form, new students will receive a student ID number, and a Drew email address.  Once you receive your student ID#, you should start working on your Health Forms. After registration, please visit the Business Office in their new location in Holloway Hall to get your student ID card. You will need your ID card to access the library and obtain a parking placard from the security office in Pepin. (please refer to the Campus Map)

Returning Students: (Au Pairs enrolled as of spring term 2014)

Returning students who were enrolled during spring or fall 2014 already have their Drew ID#, student ID Card, completed health forms and email address. You will be able to enroll in classes August 27th. During the first week of class you will need to bring your student ID to the security office in Pepin to receive a parking placard for the spring term.

Selecting a Course

Please talk over your course requests with your host family to make sure that they fit your work schedule, your interests, and your level of academic experience. Please be aware of the following academic guidelines:

  • Course numbers 100 – 199: lower-level class
  • Course numbers 200 − 299: intermediate-level class
  • Course numbers 300 − 399: upper-level class

Any course listed with a PR under its notes means that there is a prerequisite; you must have some prior experience or course work in this subject before you can audit this class.

Au Pairs and Community Auditors will register online and course requests are filled on a first come, first served basis. You will be notified immediately if your registration was accepted.

Please note that ART courses may have additional fees for materials.

You will be able to see the courses available for CEA students at the Community Education Auditor Home Page. Note: The fall term 2015 courses will be available for review April 1st.

Contact Hours For Your Classes

You will not receive credit for auditing a course, but you will gather contact hours. Each four credit undergraduate course at Drew University meets for a minimum of 36 hours. Any courses meeting for less than 36 contact hours are noted in the course descriptions in this catalog. You must attend class on a regular basis, from beginning to end, in order to obtain your hours. Upon completion of your class, and upon your request, we will supply you with a transcript that lists the courses you’ve taken and the number of hours you’ve completed. Please contact the registrar’s office at regist@drew.edu or 973-408-3025. We’re also happy to sign any necessary forms that require an educational administrator’s signature.


Tuition is $495 for a 4 credit class. ($123.75 per credit) Please note that ART courses may have additional fees for materials. Tuition fees include the cost of a Drew University parking placard and access to all Drew facilities.


You should make every effort to purchase the required books and do all the assigned reading. Many online bookstores like Amazon.com can provide you with text books at a discount. Type in your book’s ISBN number at the site’s search link and see what is available. Auditors are not required to take exams or write papers, but most professors do encourage au pairs to participate in discussion.  Please introduce yourself to your professor on the first day of class and identify yourself as an Au Pair and/or Community Auditor.

Inquires and Visits To Our Office

Our office is located in Brothers College, Room 109 on the Drew University campus. See it on our Campus Map . College of Liberal Arts Brothers College Room 109 Drew University 36 Madison Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940 Tel: 973-408-3293 Fax: 973-408-3768 Email: cea@drew.edu

Payments and Refunds


Drew’s Business Office will process all CEA auditor and Au Pair payments and refunds. Once you have registered online for class(es), you will receive an email from Drew’s Business Office regarding your billing/payment. Electronic Payments: Once you receive your Student ID# you can make your payment by logging into Drew’s TreeHouse which will take you to afford.com/drew with your student account information already populated. Your TreeHouse login screen can be found at https://treehouse.drew.edu . Sign in with the user name and password you received from Drew and click on Students tab. In the Bills, Financial Aid…box click on Statement and Payment History. Under Payment Options, click on Make a One Time Payment which will take you directly to the entry page for payment at afford.com (make sure to select an academic term here) and then move through the prompts to enter your payment information. If you would prefer, you can go directly to afford.com/drew, and in the second box you will see the blue button on the right that says Make a One-Time Payment. You then enter your student account information yourself (remember to be careful to type the correct information so that your payment is not delayed), and then move through the prompts to enter your payment information. Electronic payment methods include: Master Card, American Express, or Discover Card (2.99% convenience fee added, $1.00 minimum fee) or using your Checking or Savings Account (no convenience fee added).

Walk-in/Mail-in payments: Visit the Business Office on Drew’s campus in Holloway Hall (please refer to your Campus Map) or mail payment to: Drew University, PO Box 36118, Newark NJ 07188-6118. Please do not mail cash-cash payments must be brought directly to the Business Office in Holloway Hall. If you have further questions regarding your payment, please call our Business Office at 973-408- 3114 and speak to a CEA payment representative. Or, visit their website at http://www.drew.edu/fba/students-parents/payment-options.


Institutional Refund Policy


Security will issue windshield placards that will be valid for one semester at a time.  After registering for class and receiving your Drew ID card, bring your Drew ID and vehicle registration to the Pepin Services Center to pick up your placard. (please refer to the Campus Map)


Upon your request, Drew’s Registrar’s Office can send auditors and Au Pairs “Unofficial Transcripts” reflecting the courses they have audited at Drew along with the total number of “contact hours” you have earned by the end of the term. Each 4 credit undergrad class = 36 contact hours. Information on obtaining a transcript is available from the Registrar’s website.

Important Information About School Closings

Notices about school closings or delays due to inclement weather can be accessed by:

  1. Calling 973-408-DUSC (973-408-3872) to hear a recording.
  2. Viewing updates posted on-line