Drew Action Scholars: Community, Innovation, Global Impact.


Drew Action Scholars

Introducing Drew Action Scholars

Drew Action Scholars is a two-year program with a four-year scholarship, guided by a distinctive, results- and action-oriented approach to real-world problem-solving. Accepted students join a cohort of peers committed to community, innovation and global impact in a connected world. Complete the two year program and receive a four year scholarship of $10,000 ($2,500/year).

Recognizing the power of the experiential learning built into the Civic Scholars program, Drew University has expanded into the Drew Action Scholars program, including more students and embracing more—and larger—real-world problems and solutions.

In fall 2020, we will welcome the first class of Drew Action Scholars. If you are an incoming first year or transfer student interested in any or all of the focus areas below, apply to earn a scholarship while joining a selective group of like-minded fellow students:


Build knowledge and practice skills needed to make a difference in our local communities—collaboration, advocacy, deliberation and more.


Use design thinking, lean start-up methodology and other strategies to create change via social ventures, triple bottom line organizations, and technological innovation.


Develop international and intercultural perspectives and skills needed to be successful in our global cultures and economies.

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It’s easy to apply. Follow the link below and respond to these three questions:

  • Describe your interest in any or all of the DAS focus areas: community, innovation, and global impact
  • Tell us about a problem, challenge, or opportunity you think needs attention–and why
  • Wise people often comment that their accomplishments depend on the contributions of others–that they stand on the shoulders of giants. Whose shoulders do you hope to stand on, and who would you want with you?

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Problems and Solutions

Program Details

All Drew Action Scholars complete the first-year curriculum, the second-year convening and immersive experience and 100 hours of experiential learning annually. All immersive experiences and co-curricular requirements count towards these 100 hours. As a Drew Action Scholar you will also join your peers for retreats, town halls and pitch events.

First-Year in Program:

  • Enroll in classes designed for Drew Action Scholars.
  • Lead and participate in a public town hall focused on problems and solutions explored in your coursework.

Second-Year Immersive Experiences and Convening:

  • Internships, Community-Based Learning classes, Study Abroad trips
  • Enroll in the Innovation Action Lab.
  • Select another approved option.
  • Monthly Convening: workshops or other activities for Drew Action Scholars only

Both Years Enjoy Special Experiential Learning Opportunities:

  • Engage with community organizations and local government.
  • Build prototypes and technology applications.
  • Pitch and advocate for new ventures and solutions.
  • Join field trips, networking, and mentoring events.