The Center for Academic Excellence serves as a resource to students on most academic policy matters. The CAE also oversees a number of policies and procedures specific to student needs and circumstances.



  1. Student-Faculty meeting: The student is expected to first meet with the faculty member of the course and determine together if the work can realistically be completed within 6 weeks. The faculty member may request that documentation verifying the circumstances prompting the incomplete be submitted to the Associate Provost for the Center for Academic Excellence. This meeting is expected to take place in advance of the deadline for incomplete requests, two days after the last day of the final exam period for a semester.
  2. Faculty Incomplete request: If the incomplete is deemed appropriate by the faculty member, the faculty member should complete the Incomplete grade form by the deadline for incomplete requests.
  3. Review of requests by Associate Provost: Before making a decision, the Associate Provost may request to meet with the student and faculty member. The Associate Provost may also request documentation from the student if documentation has not been provided and is deemed necessary. Students and faculty will be notified of the decision by e-mail.
  4. If incompletes are approved, the faculty member should not enter any grade for the student. The Associate Provost will submit the grade of “I” to the registrar.
  5. Under exceptional circumstances where students are unable to submit petitions on their own behalf (e.g. the student is hospitalized) the Associate Provost or the instructor may submit a request on the student’s behalf.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Students are expected to maintain consistent academic progress throughout their undergraduate career. Minimum standards of academic progress can be found in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP) in the CLA catalog.

These standards apply to part-time as well as full-time students for all semesters of enrollment within an academic year, including those semesters for which no financial aid was granted.  The Academic Standing Committee conducts a review of SAP at the conclusion of each academic term.  Students who have not met the minimum standards are notified and may be required to submit a SAP appeal to continue at the university and, if recipients of financial assistance, to maintain their financial aid eligibility.  Appeals are subject to approval by the Academic Standing Committee.