A Message from the Director

“Action and experience in the world beyond the classroom are not the same as knowing, analyzing, or problem-solving in the context of research and theory. One is not more valuable than the other, but they bring different gifts to the world-gifts that complement each other.  My ideal of the liberal arts education connects knowledge with action in the service of helping communities thrive and prosper. Civic engagement at its core does exactly this. At Drew, civic engagement embodies the values of collaboration, partnership, and reciprocity as necessary to it mission.  The Center for Civic Engagement strives to generate opportunities for connecting education with practice in ways that have real and deep benefit for communities beyond Drew. I invite you to join me in our journey toward this goal.”                   Amy Koritz, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement                                                                        


Amy Koritz, PH.D, Director, Center for Civic Engagement
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(973) 408-3208 | akoritz@drew.edu

Amy Sugerman, Assistant  Director, Center for Civic Engagement
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(973) 408-3069 | asugerma@drew.edu

Amy Hains, Administrative Assistant, Center for Civic Engagement
(973) 498-3169 | ahains@drew.edu