2015-2016 Recipients

Drew Civic Scholar and Environmental Science major Alyssa Petersen is working to help educate the Drew community about the impacts of residential pollution and how they can reduce the pollution they put out into the environment and helping the greater community. Her project will be two parts: a workshop on campus about the effects of non-point source pollution on storm runoff and aquatic ecosystems and a trip to a local river cleanup where people can physically see the effects of pollution and take part in restoring a portion of the river damaged by pollution. Through this project, she hopes to increase awareness about water pollution issues and actively address these issues.

Drew Civic Scholar and Chemistry major on the Pre-Med track Catie Rueger will help educate students about college and the STEM fields offered at Drew, in a way that is interactive and fun. Catie hopes to encourage the students to consider college as an option for their future and expose them to the opportunities that the STEM fields can bring. Her project will involve inviting forty seventh grade students from the Rosa Parks Community School in Orange, NJ to a Drew for a STEM focused college exploration day. We will also be working with the Oakwood Avenue Community School in Orange to assist the already existing Health Care Education Program to further the education about and around STEM fields in the area.

2014-2015 Recipients

Drew Civic Scholar Noran Elzarka is working to address and raise awareness about the existence and impact of systemic oppression. Whether such injustices are religious, racial, gender-based or class-based, as a society Noran’s goal is to go beyond solidarity and create a space where as a community and as a university, we can learn how to intersect struggles. Noran hopes through direct action and community building to advance the struggle for justice and liberation for all our people.

Drew Civic Scholar Midori Tagawa is working to develop mentorship opportunities for college and high school women to encourage more females students to enter the Financial and STEM field industries. By organizing an externship program for female students at Drew, FDU, CSE and Morrsitown High School, Midori with hopes to expose students to these fields.

2013-14 Recipients

Drew Civic Scholar and Political Science major Megan Day worked toward breaking down the stereotypes, politicization, and dehumanization that plague the lines of communication between people in the U.S. and people in countries across the Middle East.

Drew Civic Scholar and Psychology major Sabina Camponogara focused on sexual assault prevention and awareness. Over the course of the year, she educated the campus on how to prevent and intervene in sexual assault, which included teaching Drew students facts about sexual assaults and the techniques assailants tend to use.

2012-13 Recipients

Drew Civic Scholar and Political Science and German major Nicole Kuruszko devoted her time to “Life in a Jar”. This is a play based on the life of Irena Sendler, who rescued 2,500 Jewish children during World War II. The Senior Civic Project brought awareness to the difference that one person can make in his or her community, ultimately changing the world in the process. After graduating from Drew in May 2013, Nicole was admitted into the New School’s graduate program in International Relations.

Drew Civic Scholar and Environmental Science and Sustainability major Kara Pennino started the “Just TAP IT” campaign to raise awareness about the negative effects of the bottled water industry on our health, economy, and environment. After graduating from Drew in May 2013, Kara accepted an Americorps position in Philadelphia working to bring healthy food to inner city neighborhoods.