What to Expect

IMG_6941Year One

  • Join a living-learning community in a residence hall with fellow civic scholars
  • Enroll in the “Community Service” College Seminar.
  • Contribute time and effort to local community organizations.
  • Complete a minimum of 100 hours of service benefiting communities beyond Drew’s campus each year (at least 50 hours completed while classes are in session at Drew).
  • Enroll in year long CE 101: Civic Engagement Workshop.
  • Work with your team to plan and execute a civic project.
  • Be engaged, compassionate, respectful, and effective!

First Year Civic Scholars’ Community Partner placements include: Cornerstone Madison Adult Day Center,  Dress for Success, EPOCHRosa Parks Community School , Furniture AssistHomeless Solutions, Madison Borough, Market Street Mission, Morristown Neighborhood House after-school and pre-school programs, and the adult ESOL program.  Read more about our Community Partners and comments by current Civic Scholars about their volunteer experience.


First Year Projects

Our 2016-17 First Year Civic Scholars will plan projects on the Environment, Hunger, Arts & Language, Healthcare, Refugees, Veterans, and Gender Equality. We look forward to seeing how their creativity, team work and project management skills will benefit our local communities. Below are examples of past projects.

Decorations for Mountainside Hospital

This group of First Years Civic Scholars made decorations for the pediatric center at Mountainside Hospital.

Project Splashdown

This group of First Year Civic Scholars hosted a pool party for children of all ages with special needs and/or disabilities. There were games, music, lifeguards and volunteers to play and swim with the children to show them a fun time.

Special Needs Interactive and Awareness

First Year Civic Scholars held an event that focused on helping the special needs community in schools local to Madison. ARC of Morris County and Drew sports teams participated with Civic Scholars in this event.

Walk 4 Animal Awarness

This group of First Year Civic Scholars partnered with St. Hubert’s to host a dog-walk/pet adoption day to raise money for St. Hubert’s and awareness of animal issues such as abuse and homelessness. VRC and SAAC participated in this event.

Destress Fest

First Year Civic Scholars put on a program called “Destress Fest” to help students cope with midterms.

Powderpuff: Gender Equality

This group of First Year Civic Scholars held this event to empower men and women showing them that gender roles do not matter. They played a powederpuff football game where the women played and the men were the cheerleaders.

Behind Bars

A group of First Year Civic Scholars hosted a guest panel of experts working with the prisoner population whom shared their insights.


LGBTQ Awarness

This group of First Year Civic Scholars educated participants on the benefits and necessity of equal treatment, rights and respect for members of the LGBTQ community. Garden State Equality and one from Ally Space Training participated in this event.