Drew University actively supports students who show extraordinary commitment to community by offering Civic Engagement Scholarships. These Drew Civic Scholars not only receive a monetary award, but also join an exciting civic engagement program that will increase their service and leadership skills and experiences. Drew Civic Scholars participate in special classes, workshops, seminars, and off-campus service projects. Civic Scholars who successfully complete four years of the Civic Scholars program graduate with Civic Honors.

The Drew Civic Scholarship is offered in the amount of $10,000 ($2,500 per year). Civic Scholars completing all academic and co-curricular program requirements will maintain the scholarship and Drew Civic Scholar status for up to three additional years.

The Civic Engagement Scholarship Program is a program of Drew University’s Center for Civic Engagement. It seeks to embody the mission and values of the Center through a four year progressively demanding program that builds students’ capacity while benefiting society. Each year, Civic Scholars are asked to engage in activities that will increase their abilities and understanding of how best to serve our shared world.

Civic Scholars Program Highlights:

  • All First Year Civic Scholars enroll in a special Drew Seminar: “Community Service” taught by the Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, and enroll in a weekly Civic Engagement workshop focused on practical skills-building. Residential Civic Scholars live in the same residence halls for the first year of the program.
  • Sophomore Civic Scholars enroll in a 2-credit Civic Internship with a non-profit or government agency and participate in skills and leadership development workshops.
  • Junior Civic Scholars focus their community engagement on a single issue area and participate in networking and professional development activities that increase their ability to impact communities.
  • Senior Civic Scholars enroll in Senior Civic Workshop, complete a Senior Civic Project and present it at the Annual Civic Engagements Awards and Showcase.
  • All Civic Scholars contribute 100 hours of service per year to the community beyond Drew and enroll in Community-Based Learning (CBL) classes to connect their community work to their academic interests and majors.

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