The Program

Civic Scholars Program

Learning for Students Who Serve
Drew University actively supports students who show extraordinary commitment to community service by offering Civic Engagement Scholarships of $2,500 per year.  Civic Scholars are also eligible to receive an additional fellowship of up to $5,000 for related initiatives, including service projects, internships, study abroad and independent research.

Become a Drew Civic Scholar and you will not only receive a monetary award, but you will also join an exciting four-year Civic Engagement Program that will increase your service and leadership skills, while giving you significant real-world experience. Drew Civic Scholars complete 100 hours or more of service annually and participate in special classes, workshops, and off-campus service projects. Drew’s Civic Scholars represent a wide range of academic majors and career interests. Read all about the program details in the Civic Scholars Handbook 2014-2015

Becoming a Drew Civic Scholar

Link here for more information on how to apply for the Drew Civic Engagement Scholarship.  If you have questions about the Civic Scholars program, please email the Center for Civic Engagement at or the Drew Admissions Office at

Civic Scholar Program Year-by-Year

First Year: First years enroll in the “Community Service” Drew Seminar and participate in weekly Civic Engagement workshops focused on practical skill-building. Residential Civic Scholars join a living-learning community in a residence hall for the first year of the program.

Sophomore Year:  Sophomores enroll in a 2-credit Civic internship with a non-profit or government agency and participate in skills and leadership development workshops.

Junior Year: Junior Civic Scholars focus their community engagement on a single issue area and participate in networking and professional development activities that increase their ability to impact communities.

Senior Year: Seniors complete and present a culminating civic project, and graduate with Civic Honors.

Every Year: Complete a minimum of 100 hours of service annually benefiting communities beyond Drew’s campus, and enroll in Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses and internships to connect to their academic interests and majors.

For more Information: If you have any questions, contact Amy Sugerman, Assistant Director, Center for Civic Engagement: or (973) 408-3069

First Year Projects

Project Splashdown

This group of First Year Civic Scholars hosted a pool party for children of all ages with special needs and/or disabilities. There were games, music, lifeguards and volunteers to play and swim with the children to show them a fun time.

Special Needs Interactive and Awareness

First Year Civic Scholars held an event that focused on helping the special needs community in schools local to Madison. ARC of Morris County and Drew sports teams participated with Civic Scholars in this event.

Walk 4 Animal Awarness

This group of First Year Civic Scholars partnered with St. Hubert’s to host a dog-walk/pet adoption day to raise money for St. Hubert’s and awareness of animal issues such as abuse and homelessness. VRC and SAAC participated in this event.

Powderpuff: Gender Equality

This group of First Year Civic Scholars held this event to empower men and women showing them that gender roles do not matter. They played a powederpuff football game where the women played and the men were the cheerleaders.

Behind Bars

A group of First Year Civic Scholars hosted a guest panel of experts working with the prisoner population whom shared their insights.

LGBTQ Awarness

This group of First Year Civic Scholars educated participants on the benefits and necessity of equal treatment, rights and respect for members of the LGBTQ community. Garden State Equality and one from Ally Space Training participated in this event.

Sophomore Internships

C’17 Samantha Lacey

As part of their Year Two requirement, Civic Scholars
are to complete a 2-credit Civic Internship with a non-profit
or government agency. Civic Scholar C’17 Samantha Lacey
ran a drama therapy program for Third Street Alliance‘s
“Sharing the Caring” program in Easton PA, a day-care program for the elderly with neurodegenerative dementia for her summer internship.

Group (3)
C’17 Alexandra Van Grouw

Alexandra Van Grouw interned with the Habitat for Humanity affiliate, Habitat Bergen. She helped with their project “Repair. Rebuild. ReStore.” which is aiding homeowners in Little Ferry, NJ to restore their homes after Hurricane Sandy.

emily at homeless solutions
C’17 Emily Kubin



Emily Kubin  attended the Halloween party at Homeless Solutions, Inc., Emily is interning at this nonprofit that helps the homeless and working poor in Morris County. According to Emily “this internship has been a life changing experience and I will be so sad when it ends in December.”


C’17 Cara Anan


Civic Scholar C’17 Cara Anan interned at the Borough of Madison. According to Cara interning with the borough has truly been a life changing experience, “I have always had a passion for volunteering, but nothing like what I have experienced at this internship. I have networked with local businessmen and women, expanded my knowledge about how local government works, and fulfilled a requirement for the Civic Scholar Program at Drew all while exploring my passion for Political Science.” In this photograph, Cara is being recognized for her volunteer efforts with the local Farm’s Market.

Senior Projects

Community Garden Projectgroup in kitchen

Drew Senior Civic Scholar, Kate Fisher, revitalized student involvement with the community garden on campus for her Senior Project. The garden is located by Copper Beach, the faculty and staff housing on campus. The people who live near the garden have plots, but Kate wanted a student plot. She grew vegetables in her part of the garden over the summer and harvested her plot in the fall. On November 6, 2014 Kate and a small group of Drew students used the food she grew in her garden to prepare a meal at Homeless Solutions in Morristown, NJ. The food that Kate harvested fed around 75 people at the dinner. Overall, Kate brought awareness to campus that organic food can be grown right on campus, and her home grown meal helped those in need.


image5Solidarity and Beyond: Thinking about the Intersections

Drew Senior Civic Scholar, Noran Elzarka, is working to address and raise awareness about the existence and impact of systemic oppression. Whether such injustices are religious, racial, gender-based or class-based, as a society Noran’s goal was to go beyond solidarity and create a space where as a community and as a university, we can learn how to intersect struggles. Noran hopes through direct action and community building to advance the struggle for justice and liberation for all our people.


Drew U Prepare?


Drew Senior Civic Scholar, Sabina Camponogara, planned an event called “Drew U Prepare?” to educate and prepare students for dealing with sexual assault situations. Sabina’s goal was to provide training to Drew students that would help them get out of a situation where sexual assault was possible. The workshop was designed by Prepare Inc., according to Sabina the students took aware “how to assess a situation properly, acknowledge the reality of a situation, and learn their options on how to react in any given situation.”

Megan DaySyrian Refugee Benefit Dinner

Drew Senior Civic Scholar, Megan Day hosted a benefit dinner to bring attention to the humanitarian and political crisis currently happening in Syria. She partnered with the Middle Eastern Student Association. The event served Middle Eastern cuisine and raised money for the Islamic Relief Fund to help Syrian Refugees. Hand crafted tote bags were sold for this cause and henna was done on the hands of the attendees.


Success Stories

gibsongridKhemani Gibson C’14

Major: Pan-African studies, History and Spainsh
Where are you headed? NYU for a PhD in the history of the African Diaspora
Why there? Their emphasis on the African diaspora
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now? The Civic Scholar Program allowed me to perfect the ways in which I want to help improve the conditions of the black community in Urban areas.

Carly McCrink C’14

Major: Neuroscience
Where are you headed? NYU’s accelerated BSN program
Why there? NYU college of nursing is a cutting edge university known for its hands on approaches in technology and equipment. It also allows you to apply to the duel degree program while still obtaining your BSN to become an advanced practice nurse.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now? The Civic Scholar Program helped me greatly in deciding to become a nurse, for in my volunteer opportunities allowed for me to shadow and work with nurses in clinical atmospheres. The program allowed me to confirm through experience at these location sites that I wanted to become a nurse.

Photo, Nicole KuruszkoNicole Kuruszko C’13

Major: Political Science and German
Where are you headed? Master’s degree candidate in International Affairs with a concentration in Cities and Social Justice at The New School in New York City.  In my spare time, I work at the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies, where I assist with the planning of their Democracy and Diversity Institutes that are held annually in South Africa and Poland.  For my future career path, I hope to join the Foreign Service to work for the U.S. Department of State.
Why there? With my language skills in Polish and German, I can be a valuable asset to the Foreign Service and in public diplomacy.  After studying abroad during my time at Drew, I want to continue traveling the world, while working in policy and government.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help get you to where you are now?Being a Civic Scholar has inspired me to go beyond the classroom and become a leader in my community.  It has shown me importance of being involved, teaching me the interpersonal and professional skills needed to succeed in graduate school and in a career

Kristina Farmer C ’1414097b6

Major: Business Studies and English
Where are you headed? Teach For America Arkansas, teaching 5th grade English and Reading
Why there? I became passionate about education reform after volunteering at my first community partnership with Neighborhood House in Morristown.
How did the Civic Scholar Program help to get you where you are now? The Civic Scholar Program has given me project based experience in non-profit work that I am able to apply to my current teaching profession.