Please join the Center for Civic Engagement in Congratulating the 2013 winners of Drew University’s Civic Engagement Awards:

Morristown Neighborhood House receives the Collaborative Action Award: Esther Matallana, Rosa Chilquillo, Elise DuBord, Amy Koritz, Elizabeth Kimball, Christina Ocampo

“Drew and Do” Student Award

The “Drew and Do” Award is given to up to three Drew students—from any of the university’s schools – who most effectively combine academic learning or research with community service outside the university.

  • Nicole Kuruszko (C’13)
  • Christina Ocampo (C’13)

Faculty Leadership Award

The Faculty Leadership Award is given to a full-time faculty member in any school of Drew University who has demonstrated commitment to civic engagement through advocacy, teaching, or project development.

  • Elizabeth Kimball, Visiting Assistant Professor, English
  • Sandra Jamieson, Professor of English

Staff Leadership Award

The Staff Leadership Award is given to a full-time staff member who has developed or supported opportunities for the Drew community to participate in activities that benefit others

  • Wayne Hunter, Telecommunications Manager
  • Brittany Gaetano, Women’s Basketball Head Coach

Collaborative Action Award

The Collaborative Action Award is given to a  organization that leads an effective collaboration among multiple university groups to accomplish a community service project outside the university.

  • Morristown Neighborhood House

Creative Community Award

The Creative Community Award is given to an individual or group in the Drew University community that shows unusual creativity or innovation in pursuit of a community service or civic engagement project benefiting a community outside of Drew.

  • Drew Honduras Project

Ben Salmon Award

The Ben Salmon Service Recognition Award was created by the Volunteer Resource Center (VRC) to honor those students who enhance the campus through volunteerism and extra-curricular involvement, while augmenting their Drew experience with off-campus service. The award’s standards were set to reflect those of the VRC’s student founder, Ben Salmon (C ’03), who worked with the American Red Cross while building the coalition that created the VRC.

Caroline Kuras (C’13)