Your last year in college is one of transition. Of the many changes you will be making this year, one of the most exciting and challenging ones is moving from student to professional. The Center for Internships and Career Development hopes to make this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.  The Seniors Only Series is a year-long program consisting of workshops, seminars, information sessions, alumni panels, networking events, and career fairs dedicated to helping our senior class begin their life after Drew.

Information Sessions

Throughout the year, we will be bringing in speakers from various career fields (employers, alumni, and career professionals) who will discuss their career and the best ways to prepare for entry into that field.


Networking is an essential part of the job search process.  The Center for Internships and Career Development will host events throughout the year featuring alumni from a variety of career fields.   The Center also connects students with alumni mentors so students can learn more about the the career paths and career experiences of a career field that they may be interested in.

Job Readiness Workshops

The staff and special speakers present workshops throughout the year on résumé and cover letter writing, interview techniques, job search methods, and career fair preparation.

Mock Interviews

The Center has several alumni, executives, and career coaches who conduct mock interviews on campus.  This valuable, professional experience will help you stand out from the crowd when you are interviewing for the real thing.

On-Campus Interview Program

Throughout the year, the Center for Internships and Career Development will be bringing employers to campus to interview for internship opportunities as well as full and part-time positions.