Writing a Resume and Cover Letter

There are many correct resume styles. Be sure to choose the resume style that presents your background to the best advantage. The following samples will give you some basic examples. Be sure to have a career counselor or the Internship Coordinator review your resume before submitting it to employers or internship sponsors.

Resume/Cover Letter Samples:

Resume Check List:

  • If they apply to you, include information about: related coursework, honors, special semesters or international seminars, work experience, university or community activities, computer skills, language skills.
  • Write job descriptions that clearly indicate what you have accomplished.
  • Do not use complete sentences or start with the word I. Instead, use phrases with action-oriented verbs. For example: As a Resident Assistant, counseled students, organized and planned activities, and coordinated a workshop on adjustment to campus life.
  • Proofread carefully for spelling mistakes or typos.
  • If printing the resume to give to an employer/internship sponsor, print on good quality paper using an attractive font such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • In general, resumes of college students or new graduates should be no longer than one page.