Career Decision Making is a Five Step Process.

  1. Self Assessment. Understand your interests, personality, skills and values and their relationship to career fields.
  2. Career Options. Based on self-awareness activities, narrow down your choices to two or three fields.
  3. Exploration. Research those fields to understand the nature of the work, the qualifications, job outlook, salary, and related occupations through online research and informational interviewing.
  4. Make a Decision. Choose your path.
  5. Create a Success Plan. Decide what you need to do now, so that by the time you graduate you are ready to move forward, whether it’s beginning your career or attending a graduate program.

Working with a Career Counselor one-on-one will allow you to successfully move through this process. While we encourage all first-year students to meet with a career counselor, individual counseling is available to all students throughout their four years.

Keep in mind, the process you go through now will be repeated throughout your working life as your professional career develops and changes. The decision-making skills you learn here will establish the confidence you will need to make career decisions in the future.

MyPlan is an online career development program free to all Drew students and alumni. To set up your own personal lifetime account, contact the Center for Internships and Career Development at or 973-408-3710 to obtain the School License Code.

We encourage all students to review their results with a Career Counselor. To make an appointment with a Counselor, contact the Center for Internships and Career Development at or 973-408-3710.