The Internship Student Handbook contains information about the internship program at Drew University and guidelines on how to arrange to get academic credit for your internship. An internship is a unique learning experience within the curriculum of your undergraduate program.

Students like internships for many reasons. Some students want to reinforce or test their career objectives; others want to develop the skills needed to enter a chosen career field; while others desire practical work experience in their field of interest to balance the theoretical learning they are getting in the classroom. Students want to see how theory and reality come together.  A new addition to the practical training offered through the internship program is a required professionals skills development training session, done online.

Please read the Internship Student Handbook before you begin your internship and refer to it during the internship. The Academic Internship Office is available to help make your experience more successful.  For more information, please email or 973-408-3566.  Our offices are located in Sycamore Cottage.