Centralized Application Services:

Most health professional schools utilize a centralized application service. Once you are ready to apply, create an account with the appropriate agency.

*Some individual health professional schools do not participate in a central service. You must contact and apply to each of these schools directly.


This timeline outlines the medical school application process, but the procedures are similar for most health professions. You must consult with the appropriate central service and your pre-health advisor about the deadlines and important dates for your specific health professional track. Adjust the timeline accordingly if you will be taking time off between graduating from Drew and entering medical school.

December-February of junior year: Register to take the MCAT in April, May, June, or July. We do not recommend August testing, as this will delay processing of your application.

February 1st: Make sure you have returned the required documents to the Drew University Health Professions Committee (autobiographical packet, resume, transcripts, draft of personal statement, waiver, and academic integrity form).

February: Request letters of recommendation using our Letter of Recommendation Request Form.
It is a good idea to provide your recommenders with your resume and a draft of your personal statement.

February-April: Interview with each of the members of the Drew University Health Professions Committee. We will send you an email how to schedule these interviews and with whom.

April-July: Take/Retake the MCAT.

May: Begin filling out your primary applications.

June: Submit your primary applications as soon as the online portals open. Most medical schools have rolling admissions, so the earlier the better!

June: Notify the Committee that you have submitted your applications by providing pdf copies as well as all required identification numbers and letter request forms.

July-August: Receive secondary applications from individual medical schools. Complete and return these as soon as possible.

September-April of senior year: Begin interviewing at medical school and receive offers of admission!

September-May: Continue improving your candidacy throughout your senior year. Even after you have filed your primary and secondary application, you should continue to update admissions committees with new achievements, such as improved GPA or MCAT scores, new research and clinical experience, awards, and honors.

Drew University Health Professions Committee

Medical schools prefer that applicants work with a Health Professions Committee. At Drew this is a group of faculty members and pre-health advisors who provide support, interview practice, and advice about careers and the application process. The services of the Committee are available both to current students and alumni.

In the spring before you begin the application process, you will interview with each of the members of our Health Professions Committee. These interviews serve two main purposes: (1) to provide you with interview practice in preparation for your medical school interview, and (2) to allow the Committee to get to know you better in order to provide a comprehensive Committee Letter of Recommendation to medical schools on your behalf.

Our Health Professions Committee also works as a letter collection service. All of your outside letters of recommendation from professors, employers, and mentors should be sent directly to the Committee. Once you notify the committee that you have submitted your primary application, we will transmit all of your letters along with your Committee letter to the school to which you are applying. Remember to update the committee if you add or remove any schools from your list.

*The Committee typically prepares letters of recommendation for all applicants to allopathic, osteopathic, dental, optometry, veterinary (prepared by Professor Tammy Windfelder), and podiatric schools. Some allied health professional schools do not require or want committee letters. Be sure to consult with the admissions offices at each of the schools to which you will apply.