Should You Attend Graduate School?

As you choose your future career direction, attending graduate school may seem like a good idea.  Perhaps you recognize that earning an advanced degree is necessary to enter or to advance in a particular career field.

Consider the following as you make your decision:

  • Why do I really want to attend graduate school?
  • What do I want to study?
  • What makes me an outstanding candidate?
  • Am I ready to go into a program that may take me 2 to 6 years to complete?
  • Could I get a fulfilling job in this field without further education?
  • Would I have a better idea about further education in this field if I worked first?
  • Do the students in the program I am interested in have prior work experience?
  • How will I pay for graduate school?

Graduate school is long and hard, financial support can be limited, and the ultimate career “pay-off” uncertain. But, in return for your hard work, a graduate education may:

  • Provide advanced opportunities for career and intellectual challenge.
  • Open up new opportunities at higher levels of responsibility in business, government, or industry.
  • Lead to positions as a college professor, administrator, or staff member at universities.
  • Permit entry into fields where graduate levels credentials are required, such as in scientific research, psychology, social work or library science.
  • Allow for a career with greater financial reward.

Go to graduate school because YOU are committed to the idea yourself, not because someone else expects it of you. 

This Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an overview of what is involved in the graduate school decision.  Hopefully, as you continue to read the sections of this guide, many of your questions about going to graduate school will be answered. The Center for Internships and Career Development counselors and the Drew faculty are more than willing to share their knowledge and insights about programs with you.

For more information and resources, contact the Center for Internships and Career Development at or 973-408-3710.