To the Parents of the Class of 2015:

Welcome! The staff at the Center for Career Development is excited to meet and work with your students as they navigate their way through their first year at Drew University.

At Drew, career development starts in the first year and extends throughout their last, and beyond. Students in their first year will participate in the Roadtrip Program. This exciting program was created exclusively for first year students to encourage them to begin thinking about their career journey. It is never too early to engage in self-assessment, consider career options, and think about internship opportunities.

  • At orientation, the first year class will learn about our Roadtrip Program where students will compete for the chance to go on a Roadtrip sponsored by the Center for Career Development. They will form a team of three and be invited to write a short essay on people who inspire them and why they would like to interview them (as it relates to their career goals).
  • In October, the winning team will be announced and receive a small stipend for their Roadtrip, which will take place during their winter break. With video cameras and tripods in hand, they will videotape their interviews, and we will edit the footage. During an assembly in the spring featuring the President of the University and representatives from Roadtrip Nation, we will premiere the DVD to the entire first year class.
  • Last year’s winning team, the Road Guppies (three young women from the class of 2014 who are “fishing for change”), interviewed a variety of professionals in the arts: a nationally-known author, screenwriter, and inspirational speaker, a teacher, a sculptor, a museum curator, and an arts shop owner. The resulting 25-minute video captured their journey and the story of how each person found and followed their true calling.
  • In the spring, all first year students are required to take MyPlan, an online career assessment program that measures a student’s skills, values, interests, and personality and the careers that complement them. We encourage all students to attend a follow-up workshop or individual counseling session to interpret their results and plan their next steps.

During the academic year, we offer a variety of workshops and seminars featuring employers and alumni in fields ranging from the arts and communication to environmental science and sustainability, health, publishing, law enforcement, education, business and the non-profit sectors. In addition, we help all students prepare a professional résumé and cover letter, assist them with finding and conducting internships, and provide individual, one-on-one career counseling.

Please encourage your student to stop by and discover the many ways we can help in their professional development at Drew. This year, while the University Center undergoes a major renovation, we will be located in the Townhouses, Unit 31, right beyond the UC. We can be reached at 973-408-3710 or

We look forward to four successful years ahead!

All the best,

Kim Crabbe
Director, Center for Career Development