When should my student connect with the Center for Internships and Career Development?

The earlier students begin exploring possibilities and participating in experiential learning opportunities, the more confidence they will have when determining their plans beyond Drew. The career center offers students guidance on finding meaningful experiences.

What is the time commitment for my student?

There is not a specific amount of time required of students, however the more students take advantage of the various opportunities offered by the center, the more confident and prepared they are for making career decisions. Students are encouraged to meet with a counselor and develop a roadmap outlining the workshops, programs and activities as soon as they start school so they can make the best use of their four years here.

How does the center address the individual needs of my student?

Every student has the opportunity to meet individually with a counselor. Our staff is committed to developing personal relationships with students to fully understand their unique career goals, interests personal characteristics and skills.

What is the career development process?

Choosing a career direction is a process, not an event. While working with the counselors in the center, students are guided through specific and deliberate steps to explore options, gain experience and plan for the future. Here you can find a roadmap for each year.

Why is it important for my student to participate in internships?

Engaging in one or more internships is an ideal way for your student to sample career options, gain valuable experience develop professional skills and establish important networking relationships. In addition, many employers look to their interns when making full-time hiring decisions.

Students on the graduate school track are also expected to have engaged in experiential education beyond the classroom. Internship supervisors are excellent sources for letters of recommendation either for employment or graduate school.

What help does the center provide if my student wants to go to graduate or professional school?

Individual graduate and professional school counseling is offered in the center, as well as workshops and programs about the application process. Students have access to Drew alumni for advice on the graduate and professional school process through panels, externships and a special alumni mentor database.

What is the center’s role in helping my student find a job after graduation?

We are committed to helping your student develop the skills necessary to conduct an effective job search, and we provide guidance each step of the way, even after graduation. Our goal is to have students who are well prepared for the future career transitions they will likely face.

Beyond helping your individual student, we develop strong ties with employers and alumni in order to connect Drew students with the best possible opportunities. We offer a number of career fairs and networking events, as well as coordinate on-campus interviews in order to facilitate the job-search process.


In addition to industry-specific skills and experience, there are a number of “transferable skills” that employers consistently cite as highly important in the search for new hires:

  • Communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Initiative
  • Strong work ethic
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical skills
  • Flexibility
  • Computer skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Self-confidence
  • Creativity

Drew students can develop many of these in a variety of ways, in and out of the classroom. Encourage your student to get involved through activities, on-campus employment, community service, internships and research work.

How can I support your efforts?

Your experience and guidance can benefit current Drew students. We encourage you to share any opportunities you may have at your workplace or business. Consider participating in the development and sponsoring of an internship or externship and informational interviewing. If you have an interest in participating in any of these programs, contact the Center for Internships and Career Development at career@drew.edu or 973-408-3710.