Student Groups.


Student Groups


Eco-Reps promote environmentally responsible behavior in their residence halls including energy conservation, recycling, responsible water behavior and more!


Check back for applications.

DEAL – Drew Environmental Action League

The mission of the Drew Environmental Action League is to increase campus awareness of environmental issues. The group’s members work to promote activism and positive change towards a more sustainable world. The group hosts the annual reforestation of the campus called Fern Fest and provides environmental volunteer opportunities for Drew students.

Join the DEAL weekly meetings on Wednesdays 6pm in EC 1867 Lounge.

Contact: Justin Dennis

Students for Sustainable Food (SFSF)

The Students for Sustainable Food, an activist group formed in 2010 to promote environmentally responsible and fair practices regarding our food choices at Drew University. We have been recognized recently by the Real Food Challenge (RFC) as Regional Grassroots Leaders in our efforts to incorporate more local, organic, humane and overall sustainable foods to campus. The RFC equips college students with the necessary training and resources to make “real food” more accessible on their campuses.

Contact: Addison Del Mastro

TERRA- Transforming Ecological and Religious Resources into Action

TERRA includes students in the Theological School and in the Graduate Division of Religion. TERRA’s goals are to:

  1. Raise awareness of ecological issues on campus as well as in our communities and our world
  2. Foster active participation of students in ecological movements and activities
  3. Engage religious traditions in ecological values and activities, and to celebrate those religious groups that are already actively engaged in environmental activism.

Reach out through the TERRA Facebook Group