About the Department.


About the Department

The Department of Campus Security staff provides 24-hours-a-day service to the Drew community, 365 days a year. Security is provided by officers from SSC, a contract security provider. All security officers are registered with the State of New Jersey having completed the Security Officer Registration Act (S.O.R.A.) which is required by the State. They are under the direction of Richard Wall, who serves as the B-Director of Campus Security for both Drew University and Saint Elizabeth University .

Campus Security is built on a student-centered focus recognizing the needs of our community in a shared residential, living-learning community.  Campus security team members are educators and community builders. 

As the campus also falls under the jurisdiction of the Madison Police Department, we work in close cooperation with the Madison Police concerning certain criminal investigations, traffic accidents or other police matters. Under the direction of Chief Darren Dachisen, cooperation between the Madison Police Department and the University is consistently excellent. Uniform crime reporting and criminal investigations are handled by the Madison Police Department.