Finding Your Way Around the Drewniverse.


Getting Around & Being Involved

Your Campus Calendars

Events Happen Here

Every week, dozens of exciting things are going on around campus. Check this guide to learn about upcoming concerts, forums and workshops—and stay connected with Student Activities to learn about events crafted with you in mind.


From aquatics to hockey, you’ll find all competitions scheduled on the Rangers’ athletics calendar.

Your Campus Map

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a map is worth a million. Use this map to find your way over The Forest and through the woods!

Your Transportation Options

The Drew Bike Program

Have places to go but no car on campus? No problem! Bike racks are available all over campus. Rentals can be arranged with Tina Notas.

Local Public Transportation

New Jersey Transit offers several options right by Drew’s campus. Train schedules are available here. The local 873 bus stops directly in front of campus at the Bowne Memorial Gateway and is listed as “Madison” on the schedule here.

Even better, Drew is enrolled in NJ Transit’s Quick-Tik program, which means you get to enroll here to save 25% on monthly rail, bus, or light rail passes.


Self-service, on-demand car sharing is as close as the Ehinger Student Center parking lot. Get the details and sign up on this page for a Drew community discount.

RideMatch Carpooling

Daily treks to and from campus are twice as nice with a bit of company. Use the free RideMatch form to coordinate your carpool.

And, in Case of Emergency…

If the above methods of transportation should fail you, TranOptions will provide you with up to two emergency rides home per year. Just call before 4 p.m. on the day you need a ride.