Protecting Your Health & Safety.


Health & Safety

We want to keep you healthy, safe and happy while you pursue your education. Our health and public safety professionals are here whether you have a the sniffles or a more serious emergency. You’ll feel just as safe and cared for at Drew as you did back home.

Morris Health Center

Open Monday through Friday during the school year, the Health Center is nationally accredited and well-equipped. We have a board-certified staff at the ready, plus an on-site laboratory.

Come on in if you need help with illnesses, injuries, allergy shots, prescriptions, gynecological services, immunizations, smoking cessation, and counseling (at our McClintock Center for Counseling and Psychological Services), . We can assist with all this and more—and provide referrals for anything we can’t.

The Drew University Health Service also posts notices of health concerns springing up around campus and provides wellness education. We make sure you know what you need to stay healthy.

Rest assured—you’re in good, state- and federally-certified hands.

Public Safety

While the rest of the university focuses on education, our security team concentrates solely on keeping our students safe and our campus secure.

The office is open 24 hours a day. They patrol the grounds by squad car, ATV and bicycles with a mobile command unit on hand. They coordinate closely with the local Madison Police Department. They also provide ride-along training and community training courses.

And we keep you informed. If anything of concern happens around campus, we send texts, emails and voicemails to the community. We post updates on social media and Sign up to receive emergency notifications.

Get Training

Public Safety takes care of the campus, but also offers courses to help all members of the community stay safe:
- DDC 8: Defensive Driving Course
- RAD: Rape Aggression Defense Course
- Community First Aid and CPR
- Basic 9-1-1 Dispatch and Emergency Medical Dispatch
- CERT: Community Emergency Response Team