So, You Want to go to Grad School?


Graduate Study

Many students choose to pursue graduate studies in a range of biological disciplines. As with medical schools, graduate schools have various requirements, such as physics or calculus, beyond the requirements of the biology major; thus students should consult with their academic advisers about particular fields of interest.

Here is a general timeline of things you should be doing if you are planning to attend graduate school. This is a very general timeline and dates may shift from year to year, but it should give you a good idea of where to start. You should also check out the detailed information on graduate school available through Drew’s Career Center.

Here to Help

For students interested in medical school, veterinary school and related areas, Drew University’s Health Professions Advisory Committee provides curricular guidance and support throughout the application process.

Students interested careers in the health professions are encouraged to contact a health professions adviser early in their academic career, as particular programs of study have specific course requirements.