Outstanding Faculty
Our faculty and staff are practicing artists who are dedicated to students. Their experience and enthusiasm is at the heart of your education.

Proximity to New York City
Our courses use New York as part of the classroom, exposing students to galleries, curators, critics, and the studios of working artists.

State of the Art Facilities
Sun-filled and spacious, the Dorothy Young Center for the Arts provides an ideal environment for developing new skills. Our digital lab connects students with cutting-edge technology in the arts.

A Liberal Arts Education
We believe that artists need to have something to say! Many of our students double major or minor in the sciences, business, humanities and other areas.

Off-Campus Opportunities
Want to study art? In Italy? Students at Drew are encouraged to study abroad. Drew faculty are committed to helping students connect with internships in the arts.

The Korn Gallery

Drew’s own art gallery showcases professional artists and student exhibitions. Rub elbows with artists, professors and friends at opening receptions!

Senior Studio

Guided by intensive critiques, students develop advanced-level projects in their own studio spaces they prepare for the Senior Exhibition.

The Student Community

The art studios are buzzing day and night. Our student-directed Art Club organizes trips and programs. Come share your love of art with kindred souls!

Art History
From Rembrandt to Warhol, lively art history classes from across the ages provide critical context and inspire your studio work.

A Variety of Mediums
Drew offers classes in animation, ceramics, digital imaging, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video and more. With so many ways to express yourself, let art find you at Drew!