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‘Errormark’ is here to stay 
When Drew University renewed their contract with Aramark on December 14, 2015, outrage from students, parents, and alums occurred instantly. Drew University is currently demanding that Aramark should make improvements to the Commons such as; a variety of vegetarian selections, high protein foods, longer dining hours, and updated devices used for cooking that will be installed coming next fall. Here are what some Drewids have to say about the service of Aramark:
  • “So even after all the outrage, all the complaints about them, all the shit food that has been served by them, all of the stomach, digestive issues and sickness… Drew still decided to renew a contract with Aramark.”
  • “There are cross contamination issues, cleanliness issues and staff issues. I’m not putting the effort in to be optimistic until the see change, and so far I haven’t seen anything of value happen other than a few things being added to a meal exchange that monetarily wise rips people off.”
  • “I know it’s hard to remain optimistic, but now Aramark is under contract, which makes them legally obligated to maintain better standards. And, of course, I’m sure the Dining Take Force was very aware that students would be upset at this decision. Hopefully the results next fall will show.
Smoking law struck down that would have raised smoking age to 21 with Drewids split on the veto
Instead of New Jersey becoming the second state to enact a law which would raise the smoking age to 21, Governor Christie vetoed the bill on January 19, 2016. Even though the bill was not passed, some Drew students were asked about what are their thoughts on the impact of cigarettes. One Drew student feels as though raising the legal age of buying cigarettes is good because it is detrimental to the health of one’s body. The student quotes that a person “shouldn’t be surprised when they have lung cancer down the line and then can’t afford insurance because they wasted their money on cigarettes, so… raise the smoking age.” Instead of focusing on the age, another Drew student thinks people should be better educated on the dangers of smoking. The Drewid thinks this because “raising the age of tobacco sales would not actually stop anyone from smoking and the only way to… make an impact on the health of New Jersey citizens is to… be cigarette free.” On the other hand, one student issues that if Governor Christie takes his/her ability to buy cigarettes, that person will just get them from someone else.
Drewids’ Overview on ShortTree Trip to South Africa
During weather break, 26 Drew students go on a trip to South Africa that focuses on the spiritual aspects of healthcare. The students meet a tour guide, Bongi, who is a sangonma. A Sangonma is normally thought of as ‘witch doctors’ in the West that connects spirituality to the physical and mental concerns of patients. West medicine is used as a means to prolong life with the usage of hope. South Africa uses western health care because they suffer from fundamental problems people in South Africa do not have the money to obtain traditional medicines. Rachael Fulreader (’18) sums up her trip by saying, “we meet different versions of ourself…when we travel.” Even though South Africa is consumed with poverty and income inequality, student still enjoyed themselves by the beautiful culture South Africa enthralled.
Here are some tunes from the Acorn Playlist
  • Nemmeno Un Grammo – Macro Mengoni
  • Dangerous Strangers – John Gallagher
  • Black Star – David Bowie
  • House of Memories – Panic! At The Disco
  • Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings
  • Million Dollar Houses – Pierce The Veil
  • Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes
  • Deseos De Cosas Imposibles – La Oreja De Van Gogh
  • Stressed Out – Twenty-One Pilots

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