• Paper Coffee Cups go in the Trash
    • Starbucks cups and other coffee cups CANNOT be recycled. There is a small layer/coating of plastic (polyethylene) on the inside which is a problem since facilities can’t easily separate it. Instead, use a reusable mug to limit waste and get a 10% discount at both Peet’s and Starbucks!

Here’s why: https://www.buschsystems.com/resource-center/page/green-thinking-guide-to-recycling-pizza-boxes-coffee-cups?_cldee=Y2FybC5odXJzaEBjb21jYXN0Lm5ldA%3d%3d&recipientid=lead-da68c24a07e4e711ad7500155d01020f-48eba5e735ff42fb9426672aef75b7cf&esid=6c677669-9bfb-e711-ad75-00155d01020f! Keep up the good recycling!

— Office of Sustainability

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Sent on: Feb 23, 2018