Annual Law, Justice, and Society Lecture Speaker

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Annual Law, Justice, and Society Lecture Speaker

Megan Ming Francis

“From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter: Reimagining Justice”

This is a pivotal moment in United States and social movement history. From BLM protests to the Women’s March to #MuslimBan demonstrations—a record number of Americans have taken to the streets and thrust a new set of rights issues onto the national agenda. But do these protests matter? What is the role of political and legal institutions in safeguarding rights in a democratic society? And what is the role of citizens—in particular, how can ordinary citizens become engaged in the contemporary rights movements? In this lecture, Professor Francis argues that in order to look ahead and strategize about organizing—we first must look back at history.  Considering the long history of racial violence and protest politics may allow us to see how mass protest movements can light a way out of the present darkness.


Megan Ming Francis is a Visiting Associate Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington.  Francis specializes in the study of American politics, with broad interests in criminal punishment, black political activism, philanthropy, and the post-civil was South.

Wednesday, February 19th

LC 28


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