The Madison Avenue Direct (MAD) is a campus-to-downtown shuttle that has two stops on campus at Tolley Brown circle by the bench and at the Forum Circle near the pool entrance. Make sure to look for the lime green Madison Avenue Direct at these stops. Schedule available at and tickets are available for $1 per ride at the Drew Bookstore when you buy a pack of 20 rides. Otherwise, fare is $1.50 per ride.

The MAD route is listed below:

-Lincoln Place (Madison Train Station)

-26 Main Street (McCool’s Ice Cream)

-Forum Circle (DREW)

-Annunciation Center (CSE)

-Recreation Center (FDU)

-Furtherford Hall (FDU)

-Tolley/Brown Circle (DREW)

-23 Main Street (Blue Ridge Mountain Sports)

-Madison Train Station (on Kings Road)

-133 Main Street (Stop & Shop)

-300 Main Street (Staples Plaza: Bowling Alley, Sages Pages, etc)

-222 Main Street (Whole Foods Market)


Schedule available at Shuttle times are approximate and the shuttle will make pick-ups and drop-offs within two blocks of the desired route. Customers can request a route deviation within two blocks of the route which needs to be requested by 3:00 p.m. on the day prior to service by calling: 1-800-427-3207

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Sent on: Feb 20, 2014