Did you know we have a rain garden behind the Ehinger Student Center?


What’s a Rain Garden you ask? It’s a well organized planting of water-loving plants for the purposes of filtering storm water and preventing soil erosion. The area behind the Ehinger Center used to erode into the parking lot. With the addition of the Rain Garden, soil stays in place.

Here’s how it works: Rain water is diverted into the Drew Rain Garden from the road adjacent to the Ehinger Center. As the Rain Garden fills with rain, plants in the garden, as well as small stones, slow the flow of the water and filter it through the soil. The Rain Garden also attracts native pollinators like butterflies and birds.

Check out pictures of the Drew Rain Garden on it’s very own website: https://www.drew.edu/facilities/rain-garden

You’re invited to tweet your pictures of the Rain Garden to @SustainableDrew and we might add them to the rain garden website!