PrintThe Drew University College Alumni Association (CAA) was formed to:

  • Develop and maintain strong bonds of loyalty between alumni and the University;
  • Support the University in its pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and public service;
  • Promote the stature of Drew University; and
  • Encourage lifelong learning.

As part of its mission to engage alumni in the Drew community, the CAA is comprised of working committees to address specific goals and projects to encourage support and involvement in the University.

The Presence Committee

encourages programs/activities to increase awareness of campus and the College of Liberal Arts initiatives.

The Participation Committee

generates active engagement in the College of Liberal Arts community both on and off campus.

The Philanthropy Committee

works collaboratively with the Advancement Office to encourage dedicated and consistent financial commitments to the University.

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Meet the CAA Board of Directors and learn why they give their time and talents to Drew.

Matthew Pacello C’96, President

I am committed to volunteering at Drew as my student experience provided me with so many positive memories. As new students enter the University, I would like to ensure they have the same opportunity for a meaningful experience. I do this in two different ways- alumni leadership and philanthropic support. As the president of the College Alumni Association, I am able to connect with alumni to keep them apprised of current Drew activities, provide a touch point for current students, and provide thought leadership to current University initiatives. As a Class Agent, I educate alumni about the importance of giving back to Drew to maintain participation rates and fundraising dollars so the University has the resources it needs to succeed for future generations of Drew students. Volunteering at Drew has been a rewarding experience for me and allows me extend the meaningful relationships I began as a student myself.


Matthew Altman C’11, Presence Committee

Patrick Aylward C’97, Nominating Committee Chair, Presence Committee
Drew gave me a foundation for success in a well rounded career and a rich life. So many gifted and caring members of the Drew community contributed to that foundation when I was a student, and the only requirement was that I give back when I had the capability. I’m here to honor that commitment.

Rob Benacchio C’98, Presence Committee Chair
Drew has given so much to me by way of career preparation and, most importantly, the lifelong relationships I value. I want Drew’s current students to reap these same benefits and have that incredible experience that is so uniquely Drew.

Caroline D. Berdzik C’96, Presence Committee

Chuck Biczak C’93, Participation Committee Co-Chair
Drew is such an amazing place with a great environment for learning and building communities. I’m humbled by the opportunity to serve Drew.

William W. Brackett C’11, Nominating Committee, Participation Committee
My time at Drew was an important part of who I am today, so I’m giving back.

R. Camper Bull C’91, President Emeritus, Nominating Committee

Christopher Canarelli C’01, Participation Committee
Governor Thomas Kean, Drew’s president, my professor and academic advisor during my years in the Forest, once said, “Give back to those who have given to you.” Read more

Linda Connors C’64, Nominating Committee, Participation Committee

Anthony Del Guercio C’03, Philanthropy Committee

Steven DeLuca C’99, Presence Committee
Drew is a very special place and as alumni we have a responsibility to leave it in a better place than we found it. Drew will continue to play a key role in developing the leaders of tomorrow. That can’t happen without gifts of our time, talent, and treasure.

Thomas DiMartino C’96, Participation Committee

Patrick Dolan, Faculty/Staff Representative, Presence Committee

Terrence Dugan C’93, Philanthropy Committee
Although I didn’t realize it at the time, the years I spent at Drew served as the pivot point between a young man’s concept of a “future” and its practical, adult realization. Read more

Whitney Estrin C’02, Philanthropy Committee
When I moved back to Madison in 2010, I was reminded of how much I loved Drew: the beautiful campus, the welcoming faculty and staff, the energy of the students.Read more

Emilia Fabricant C’88, Alumni Elected Trustee

Melissa Fuest C’02, Philanthropy Committee Chair

Jennifer McGroarty C’06, Philanthropy Committee
As alumni, we are obligated to assist current students with exploring career opportunities. A strong alumni network is vital to the school’s success.

Lawrence Morris C’94, Alumni-elected Trustee, Philanthropy Committee
I volunteer to make Drew a better place than when I was a student.


David Rice C’81, Philanthropy Committee
I volunteer for family, community, and Drew’s future.

Kristen Scarpa C’04, Participation Committee

Mark “Dutch” Schultz C’77, P’09, Participation Committee
Drew provided me a great liberal arts education that served me well over the years. It established a solid foundation for my Marine Corps and business careers. This was also true for my daughter who is a Drew alumna. Read more

Paul Silva C’98, Participation Committee

Suzanne Spero C’91, Alumni-elected Trustee, Philanthropy Committee

Brendan Trillhaase C’01, Philanthropy Committee

Vanessa Van Brunt C’92, Participation Committee Co-Chair
The academic environment at Drew thrives when alumni actively participate and share their life and career experiences with students and faculty. My involvement also helps me stay up-to-date with studies and research the professors are doing that is relevant to my career.

Jennifer Velez C’87, Alumni-elected Trustee
My experiences at Drew shaped so much of who I’ve become. It’s both rewarding to me and important to continue to pay that forward.

Benjamin Weisman C’06, Participation Committee

Daniel James (D.J.) Wright C’01, Presence Committee
The reason I choose to give back to Drew, in a nutshell (no pun intended for our lovely squirrel family) is simple: Drew taught me how to think. Read more

Maryann Zaleski C’03, Nominating Committee, Philanthropy Committee
I volunteer to maintain the same opportunities and culture that existed when I was at Drew.