Professor Robert G. and Lois Smith on Alumni Day, May 7, 1977.
Professor Robert G. and Lois Smith on Alumni Day, May 7, 1977.

The extended Drew family celebrates the 100th birthday on September 21 of Lois Smith, wife of Robert G. Smith—equally beloved and esteemed by the many alums who had the privilege to learn from them. Join the celebration by signing the guestbook.

Alums like Llew Pritchard C’58 warmly recall the Smiths and Tuesday classes held in the family’s Madison home. “She sure made me a lot of tea and cookies in my day,” said Pritchard, who remains in close contact with Lois and her family.

Smith House, home of the political science department, celebrates Robert’s legacy, as do scholarships in both the College of Liberal Arts and the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. By extension, because of her dedication to the students her husband mentored, they honor Lois as well.

President Robert Fisher Oxnam and Dean Allen L. Weatherby with the Smiths in the 1960s.
President Robert Fisher Oxnam and Dean Allen L. Weatherby with the Smiths in the 1960s.

Many happy returns, Lois, from your Drew family!

Make a gift to Drew in honor of Lois Smith’s 100th birthday.

17 Responses to “Happy 100th birthday, Lois Smith!”

  1. Llew Pritchard says:

    Lois Jonie and I join with many of your Drew Family to wish you a very Happy 100th Birthday Heading to DC on Thursday for the Board Meeting of the American Bar Association’s Center for Human Rights We are dealing with Human Rights abuses in China while the President of China is being hosted with a State Dinner at our White House Love The Pritchards

  2. John Borden says:

    My very best wishes for your birthday.

    John Borden Class of 1958

  3. Ken Alexo says:

    Lois: Congratulations, again, on reaching this wonderful milestone! And thank you for serving, over the years, as my unofficial guide through Drew’s *real* history. I always look forward to our phone calls, because I always learn something new about Drew. Warmest regards, Ken

  4. David H. Pingree says:

    Mrs. Smith,

    Thank you for your years of friendship and encouragement. Prof and you have been an inspiration to me. I value the memories of our happy times together. Happy birthday!

    David Pingree Class of 1963

  5. Bob and Lucy Rodes says:

    Congratulations Lois,
    You are always in our memories when our thoughts turn to Drew. You made us feel so welcomed when we first arrived. All best wishes.
    Bob and Lucy

  6. Don and Ada Watson says:

    Ada and I wish you a very Happy Birthday! What a milestone!! We often think of you and Bob. What great support you both were to us when we were at Drew for Ada to finish her Junior and Senior years. With my prompting, she added Political Science as her minor with a major in Zoology. Ada often comments that she “uses her political science here in the Harvard community more than her biology.” Great times we had in your husband’s class along with the classes taught by Julius Mastro. All our best wishes to you. – Ada (CLA’75) and Don (CLA’70).

  7. Larry Flood says:

    Happy happy birthday Mrs. Smith. Thank you and Prof Smith for all the support you gave to me and to others in the class of 1962.

    Larry Flood

  8. Lois, I can not believe you can be 100! It seems like yesterday that Jack and I visited you and Prof in Annapolis, Then, that Memorial for Prof at Drew. I have always treasured your friendship and those wonderful seminars at your home with those famous goodies! It is because of you and Prof that I continue my relationship with Drew. Lots of hugs, Joan

  9. Ellen Baker says:

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday Mrs.Smith. The class of ’63 has many happy memories of time spent with you and Dr.Smith in Madison.

  10. Al Shapero says:

    Hi Lois,,
    You and Prof are always in my thoughts. You were always there for each and every one of us.
    Shep C’51

  11. Nish says:

    Dear Lois,

    What a gift to reach your 100th birthday with a rich and fruitful life that you have led with “Prof,” your sons, your grandchildren and the many students who are fortunate to have been touched by you and “Prof.” Lil and I wish you continued happy years in everyway.
    Happy Birthday!
    Nish & LIL

  12. Ellen deLalla says:

    Dear Lois — I’m thrilled to extend a very warm Happy Birthday to you! What a milestone to accomplish. I have such good memories of your hospitality every Thursday afternoon at our senior seminar. I remember the party Prof and you gave when the Class of ’59 opened its 10-year predictions; I still make your delicious egg/English muffin treat.

  13. Jim Bloom C'56 says:

    Dear Lois,
    I have fond memories of you and Prof. As you know he turned me around and I got serious at Drew. At his encouragement I went to work for the Federal Government and eventually became an executive at the CDC in Atlanta. Those must have been powerful cookies you served at the senior political science seminars. Happy Birthday and, I am keeping you on our Christmas card list.

  14. Norm Sherman says:

    Dear Mrs. Smith,
    Many thanx to you and Dr. Smith for making my education at Drew so special. I still treasure the political seminar held in your home that was made so unique by the tea/coffee breaks complete with home baked goods. The preparations for the weekly seminars was demanding, the conversations challenging, and the lifetime philosophical basis was rewarding. You and Dr. Smith reached out to us to make it so warm and worthwhile.

    Dr. Smith was my model for my career in education. Actually he was ahead of the curve in presenting open-ended projects which required investigative answers. Nothing was rote. Every lesson required applying learned information to new problems. He provided us with an education that has lasted a lifetime.

    Like a stone dropped into the water, the lessons learned in his classroom, office hours, and your home just radiated out and continues to touch many lives.

    You and Dr. Smith were models of caring, loving people who supported each other and passed that love along to the many people in your lives. I was fortunate to be one of them!

    Love ya and happy birthday!
    Norm Sherman
    Drew – 1958

  15. Dolores Cuva Cooke says:

    Dear Mrs Smith,

    Happy Birthday and Best Wishes on the occasion of your 100th birthday. I have such fond memories of the seminars in your home. When reminiscing about college with friends I always speak about those classes. For those who attended large universities it is amazing that we had this wonderful opportunity. I treasure this memory above all others of my time at Drew..

    Dee Cooke (C’58)

  16. Shirley Kot Brand says:

    Dear Mrs. Smith – you and your husband made such a wonderful impression on me that it steered me toward a major in political science. Dr. Smith was a great teacher whom I will always remember fondly. My very best wishes on your birthday.
    Shirley Kot Brand (C’1964)

  17. Bill Stanford says:

    Dear Mrs. Smith, a most Happy Birthday and good health. You and Prof. Smith are the quintessential example of what made the “Drew Experience” a cut above what other colleges can only say they provide their students. Over fifty years later, I find the flashbacks to interacting with the two of you both warming and gratifying. You truly made a difference! -Bill Stanford (C’62)

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