Your support is deeply appreciated!

We are honored to express our sincere gratitude to you and the many others in our community who made gifts to Drew during our last fiscal year.

Thanks to your dedication and generosity we are able to share much positive news from 2012–2013:

  • 5,277 donors came together to give $8.7 million dollars to Drew, directly impacting the lives of current students and the University’s future.
  • 542 celebrated their graduation in May, including Maureen Reustle G’13, Andrew Binger ’13 and Juyeon Lee T’13, who benefited from robust scholarships only made possible through loyal donor support.
  • Alumni bucked national trends increasing alumni participation in annual giving to the College to 25%!

Maureen Reustle G'13

gradstudent-298“Drew took my life in a whole different direction. The faculty were incredible—they were so into their disciplines—and so encouraging, it was wonderful”
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Andrew Binger '13

collegestudent-298 “Professors teach, but they also inspire. When I think of the professors I had, I think of people who helped instill that spirit of giving in me.” Read more

Juyeon Lee T'13

theostudent-298 “Without the opportunity I had to study at Drew, I don’t know where I would be…The experience really opened up my mind. Some day, when I have money, I would like to help a student myself.”
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And there’s so much more to be grateful for and excited about this year!