Parents Council

All parents are automatically members of the Drew Parents’ Association and are invited to become involved in the life of the University by participating in campus and regional programs. There are no dues. The Parents’ Council is a volunteer organization that acts as an executive arm of the Parents’ Association and focuses on building connections and supporting our students. Members will promote communication among parents, serve as ambassadors to engage other parents, and support programs and services that enhance the student experience through volunteer and other opportunities. We are looking for C’18-C’20 parents to join us! For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at or 973-408-3838.

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A Note from S.W. Bowne

In his Note from S.W. Bowne, Dean Chris Taylor says, “Our most recent achievements reflect that ‘doing the humanities,’ bringing theory and practice into fruitful and mutually beneficial conversation with each other, is alive and well.” Read more about the people and programs that make up the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. Make a Gift to Drew

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Note from Brothers College

In his Note From Brothers College, CLA Dean Chris Taylor says, “It is the critical interplay of theory and practice that deepens and enriches their undergraduate experience, and which makes a Drew education so special and so powerful.” Read more about the programs and experiences that allow Drew students to test the knowledge they learn on campus. Make a Gift to Drew

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Poetry At Drew

Today is Great Poetry Reading Day, and we’re celebrating poetry at Drew! Aracelis Girmay Receives 2015 Whiting Award | Poet and professor one of 10 writers recognized nationwide. Moving Words | Professor Patrick Phillips saw one of his poems displayed throughout New York City’s transit system, and another published in New York Times Magazine. We know it’s a stretch but, the great poet Shakespeare has a special presence in The Forest! An original Shakespeare First Folio, printed in 1623, will be exhibited in October 2016 at Drew—the sole New Jersey location for the Folio exhibition. Word Power | The son of a police officer sparked the creation of a new course dedicated to the memory of 9/11, more than a decade on. Drew Poetry Professor Named Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets | Alicia Ostriker assumes six-year post. Drew University Visiting Poet Wins National Award | Afaa Michael Weaver earns $100,000 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award. The Toll of War  | An MFA graduate translates the poetry of an Iraqi woman in exile. Drew Poet Honored for Lifetime Achievement | Gerald Stern receives accolades from Poetry Society of America. MFA in Poetry @Drew University on Facebook | Join the community! And we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that most Drewish of poems, […]

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Guess Who’s Sleeping in Your Attic?

Acorn article, September 30, 1983, by Lisa Spitz “It’s just a feeling you get; there are certain buildings you won’t walk in to by yourself—you couldn’t pay me to go in by myself,” said a graduate from the Class of ’83. No, he wasn’t referring to the castles of creature feature and Dracula films, but to several of the buildings on Drew’s campus. The original estate (which is now Drew’s campus) was built by the Savannah based plantation owner, William Gibbons, in 1833 as a Northern home for his family and growing stable of race horses. The original estate included the mansion; a large stable; a granary and storehouse; a greenhouse; and over a 1,000 acres of wood and pasture land. These buildings, with the exception of the greenhouse, continue to stand; They are know as Mead Hall, Asbury Hall, and Embury Hall, respectively. Buildings such as S.W. Bowne, Seminary Hall, Hoyt-Bowne, the Rose Memorial Library and Bowne Theatre (formerly the Gymnasium) were added to accommodate the rapid growth of the student body. Most of us have seen the formidable Roxanna Mead Drew in her post beside the Main doors to the Founders Room, and many a gullible freshman has been told by an upperclassman that she haunts the […]

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Arts & Letters Salon

November 10, 2013 Society, Economy and Leadership in the Twelfth Century: A Medieval Mirror and Modern Reflections   4:00-6:30 p.m. in Mead Hall $10 per person includes a reception following the panel discussion. Pre-registration for the Arts & Letters Salon is now closed. Please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (973) 408-3229 with any questions. Thank you!

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Drew Chorale Tour

Drew Chorale is going on tour this spring. Check out a concert near you, and join us for a special reception in New York City. Click on a city name to view more details. 5/19 Summit, NJ 5/19 New York, NY 5/21 Worcester, MA 5/22 Cambridge, MA 5/23 New Haven, CT

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