Honor Tom Kean’s continued legacy at Drew

One of the finishing touches to the Kean Reading Room will be a new brick patio along the columned portico of the Rose Memorial Library. You can honor Tom Kean’s continued legacy at Drew by purchasing a commemorative brick for the patio. Gift of $500 will provide a 4 x 8-inch brick Gift of $1,000 […]

Kyle O’Neill C’12

When I first came to Drew, I had no idea what I wanted to study.  After becoming friends with the professors in the science department, there was no turning back!  I chose my major as environmental science and signed up for the education program.  This choice of majors was incredibly challenging to complete, but Drew’s […]

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Diana Ortiz C’12

Hometown: Newark, NJ Major: double-major in Economics and Art minor in French Off-Campus Experiences: Drew Wall Street Semester in New York Drew Contemporary Art Semester in New York Drew International Seminar in Dubai on “Global Business in the United Arab Emirates” Internship at the Securities & Exchange Commission in New York Semester at the Studio […]

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

Each year since graduation, we appreciate our Drew education more and more. We think about the extraordinary professors who really cared about challenging us to succeed. We recognize that opportunities like DIS, Ranger teams, and DUDS helped us grow as people and build lasting friendships. In so many ways, Drew prepared us for graduate school, […]

Coming Full Circle

In December 1959, the Port Authority announced plans to construct a jetport in the marshlands between Chatham and Harding Township. Helen Fenske had a different vision. She led a grassroots movement that resulted in the creation, by an act of Congress in 1960, of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. Fifty years later Kyle O’Neill […]