The Class of 1962 has a lot of history with Drew.  They remember studying with faculty icons – Elizabeth Korn, Doc Young, Robert and Florence Zuck – better known as an art gallery, athletic field, and arboretum to more recent students.

They also remember the opening of the original University Center in 1959.  You’d never know it from their clean-cut yearbook pictures, but this class had a rebellious side.  In the dark of night they disassembled a doorway and carried a yellow Volkswagen Beetle into the lobby of the UC where it was discovered by university officials the next morning.  They were also part of a campus-wide, news-making demonstration in December 1959 in protest of inadequate portions and choices in the, then, new UC dining hall.

This September the Class of 1962 celebrates their 50th reunion at the time-honored Golden Oaks lunch during Alumni & Family Weekend when the newly renovated Ehinger Center will be dedicated.

And they continue to make their mark at Drew.  At their 40th reunion they established the Class of 1962 Scholarship and collectively contributed enough to endow the fund, which has provided scholarships to deserving College students each year since 2005.

For the past two years, Collyn Messier C’13 has been that recipient.  In addition to being a neuroscience and philosophy double-major, Collyn is President of That Medieval Thing and the student manager of the Drew’s Computer and Networking Services and Faculty Lab to help pay for school.  “I am eternally thankful, for both the economic support and the emotional support that comes from being selected for this gift,” says the Dean’s List student.

Even though the scholarship is self-sustaining, the Class of 1962 reunion committee recognizes the need to grow the fund in order to better support students like Collyn.  “I have been lucky enough to meet these recipients each year, and know just how worthy they are,” explains Bill Stanford C’62. “A scholarship fund like this is one of the best investments a class can make.”–Barbara Perkins P’09