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Starting Recruitment

The first step is completion of the Request to Recruit Form, which is available in Human Resources and also online at Network Neighborhood\Janus\depts\ humres\recruitment and hiring\hiring forms\request to recruit.   A Position Content Questionnaire (also available online in the hiring forms folder) describing the responsibilities of the positions and necessary skills also is required as part of the Request to RecruitForm.  The Request to Recruit Form performs four functions: (i) it ensures that the budgetary authority to hire exists, (ii) it allows the university budget officer and Human Resources to track personnel accurately, (iii) it ensures the responsibilities of the position have been detailed so that fair and effective recruiting can occur and (iv) it allows advertising and posting.  The Position Content Questionnaire is intended to ensure that the hiring supervisor and anyone else conducting interviews has identified the responsibilities entailed in the position, so that they recruit for appropriate skills and experience.


The university encourages promotion of qualified employees from within. In order to ensure that staff members have an opportunity to apply, the position must be posted by Human Resources for five days before an offer can be made to any candidate. Postings are generally done on the Human Resources internal and external websites, and on the bulletin board in Madison House. Employees are expected to work at least six months in a position before applying for a posted position.  Exceptions can be made in rare circumstances, but only with approval from Human Resources.

Seeking a Counselor from the University’s Joint Affirmative Action Committee:
If the recruitment involves a national, international, or regional search position, the search committee chairman or the hiring supervisor should contact the University’s Affirmative Action Officer for assignment of a counselor to the process.  The counselor will explain the JAAC’s procedural requirements for a search.


Human Resources also is responsible for placing all advertising and managing the staff advertising budget.

Acknowledgment of Resumes

Generally, resumes go directly to the supervisor directing the search, who is responsible for acknowledging the resumes.  Preprinted acknowledgment cards are available from Human Resources.

The Resume and Interview Process

Before resume review begins, hiring supervisors or search committees should commit to paper the skills and experiences they are seeking in the successful candidate. They should then systematically apply those criteria to the resumes, documenting why decisions have been made. Those individuals who most closely meet the position requirements should be contacted for a personal interview. Arranging the interviews is the responsibility of the supervisor or search committee, as is documentation of the results of the interviews. Supervisors are encouraged to involve other members of their offices in the interview process, and where the position involves working with
other offices, to involve those supervisors. A decision to involve others in the decision does not relieve the supervisor of the responsibility for the success of the hire. Rather, the intention is to improve the amount of information and insight available on a candidate, and to ease the candidate’s entrance into campus life.  All references should be checked prior to selecting a finalist candidate.

Making an Offer

Once a finalist candidate has been identified, the manager or search team leader should contact the Director of Human Resources, who is responsible for monitoring the equity of the university’s compensation system.  After discussion with the Director of Human Resources, a verbal offer is made to the candidate, and if the candidate verbally accepts the position, Human Resources generates an official hiring letter and forwards an appropriate benefit package.  The committee or supervisor is responsible for notifying unsuccessful candidates.  If the process has not been subject to the JAAC requirements, then the written record of the process, including the resumes of all the candidates, should be returned to Human Resources and should include:  (i) number of resumes received, broken out by ethnicity and sex of candidates, if known, and number of disabled candidates if known. (ii) objective search criteria and their application to the resumes, including why the resumes selected for interview were selected. (iii) ethnicity, sex and handicapped status of interviewees. (iv) results of interviews and results of reference checks; (v)documentation on why the candidate was chosen. (The JAAC requirements are similar but more extensive.)

Returning the Record

Once an offer has been made, and the offer letter returned, the supervisor or search committee should return all of the records from the process to Human Resources for retention. The records contain important data in establishing that the university complies with all applicable federal and state laws.


It is the responsibility of both Human Resources and the supervisor to see that new employees are oriented properly.  See Janus\Depts\Humres\Recruitment and Hiring\Orientation Process for orientation guidelines prepared in cooperation with the US/A Human Resources committee.