Day of Gratitude.


Day of Gratitude

November 15 is National Philanthropy Day, and on campus, it’s our Day of Gratitude. Our Student Alumni Association (SAA) will lead us in celebrating donors who make their Drew education possible. Follow our social media and share the Drew experiences you’re most grateful for!

Remember that donors made your Drew experience possible. Share your story of gratitude.

Day of Gratitude FY19

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Last Year’s Stories

“In these uncertain times, I am consistently amazed and inspired by my students. They’re smart, civically-minded, and justice-oriented. My students give me hope.”—G. Scott Morgan

My students!

Julius Mastro

“He was more than a Political Science Professor. He was a mentor. He urged students to get involved in politics. He didn’t care what political party you belonged to. Just get involved.”—Jon Holt C’71

“Scholarships that have allowed me to come to Drew, lifelong friends and the incredible professors of the English department!”—Julia C’18

“All my amazing friends I have made!”—Shannon C’20

“The Biblical Studies Faculty inspire me to be a good teacher, scholar, and person. This is truly an extraordinary group!”—Arminta Fox T’15

The Biblical Studies Faculty

“EOF and my scholarship allowing me to have this education! Also, for the opportunity to travel and study abroad.”

“Dr. Ginny Samuel was instrumental in empowering me to accepting my call to serve as a military Chaplain.”—Sharon Browne T’07

Virginia “Ginny” Samuel

“Dr. Lytle’s 1968 Intro Comp Sci lectures clearly conveyed Fortran programming to newbies, and testing it on Drew’s 16k IBM 1130 system led me to a great career as systems programmer and IT manager.”—Laurence Butler C’71

Charles Lytle

Douglas Simon and Philip Mundo

“Doug Simon’s intro to PolySci changed my path at Drew. Phil Mundo enlightened my view of state politics and public policy. I loved every minute of my education at Drew because of them and this department.”—Frances Lioudis-Edwards C’01

Kesha Moore

“I am grateful for Professor Moore—she challenged me to think critically and asked all the tough questions. Her teaching is an integral part of why I do what I do today.”—Adela Effendy C’08

“The student-athletes at Drew.”—Coach Scott Veith, Drew Tennis

“The Mary Hepburn Civic Fellowship.”—Lauren Mastropierro C’18

“I’m grateful to all my professors, especially those in the psychology department, who taught me to think analytically, communicate clearly and be responsible to others.”—Ruth (Barrow) Rosenberg C’83

Rick Detweiler, Phil Jensen, Jim Mills, Ed Domber

George Eberhardt

“Alumni of a certain age who hear the name George will immediately think of a retired engineer with a zest for life solving electronic problems on campus. He taught us life is fun (pun) as we age!”—Stuart Gittelman C’88

Jennifer Kohn

“Jennifer Kohn provided me with the tools I needed once I graduated to succeed in the business world and challenged me every day to be the best version of me. She will forever be a lifelong friend.”—Alexandria De Sousa C’15

“Patrick was an amazing research mentor throughout my time at Drew and I credit him for setting me on course to be a professor myself. Now I do my best to be a warm and happy mentor to my own students.”—Elisabeth Ploran C’04

Patrick Dolan

Raul Rosales

“Professor Rosales was an incredible mentor. He pushed me to my potential and convinced me to study abroad in Barcelona, which improved my Spanish and expanded my view of the world.”—Rachel Pastoriza C’07

“The amazing study abroad opportunities like the Ireland shortTREC!”—Adam C’19

“All the wondeful faculty, teammates, friends and opportunities here at Drew!”—Ally Raulf C’18

Ann Saltzman

“Dr. Saltzman breezed in on day one, started talking about Stanley Milgram and I was hooked. At that moment the social psychologist in me was awakened. Thank you Ann.”—Ray Green C’91

“I came to Drew for the Reformation courses with Dean Thompson, and seminars with Dr. Pain-both amazing teachers. The very best examples of pastor-scholars I’ve ever met; made me want to be like them.”—Nancy Topolewski G’90, G’93

Jim Pain and Bard Thompson

”The wonderful workers at the Commons and my professors in the anthropology department.”—Djetry Joseph C’19

“My junior year Professor Sandra Jamieson accepted a call from me at the airport around 11 p.m. with me freaking out about my final paper. She has also responded to me at 2 a.m. when I was freaking out about my future.”—Abd Elhady C’17

Sandra Jamieson

Jim Pain

“Dr. Pain was integral to my studies at Drew. Beyond his remarkable classes, he was the driving force in sending me to Oxford for a semester, and I will be forever grateful for this and his wisdom.”—Alexandra Rosenthal C’94

“I would like to recognize the friends I have made and cherished from day one in 1974 through today. I look forward to seeing you in June at our 40th reunion I am grateful for your friendship.”—Robert Strupp C’74

My lifelong friends

All my seminary professors.

”Drew Seminary professors taught me to think crtically, to grow spiritually, to prepare for ministry and chaplaincy. They gave me a foundation upon which my faith could grow and flourish.”—Rev. Dr. Bruce Cook T’71, T’02

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Ahni Kruger

“Ahni encouraged me to experiment, take risks and explore in a way I had never encountered before. I gained a valuable teacher and a mentor. For that, I will be forever grateful.”—Allie Willis C’15

Tom Leanos

“Coach was the guy who helped me become the best that I could as an athlete and a person. I could not have asked for a better mentor during my time at Drew.“—Mike Talarico C’01

“I am grateful for my field hockey and lacrosse teammates from 1985-1989. We made wonderful memories both on and off the field and I’m proud to be a Drew Ranger.”—Jamie Pagliocco C’89

My teammates.

“Dr. Cowell was my advisor when I joined Drew’s Graduate School in Sep. 1972. He helped me overcome enormous difficulties: different culture and weak command of the English language to name a few.”—Riad Hashem G’75

David Arthur Cowell

MaryAnn Baenninger

“Thank you, President Baenninger, for leading us boldly into the future!”—Kristen Daily Williams C’98

Jim O’Kane

”Simply the best. Words that are overused but accurately reflect Prof. O’Kane and his pioneering experiential learning style. His criminology class field trip impacts my world perspective to this day.”—Stuart Gittelman C’88

“I found a letter that was dated November 1983 and it explained how the scholarship awards were funded. It gave the award name “James McGraw Scholarship” but no name/address.”—Forrest Shue C’87

The anonymous donors who made my Drew education possible.

“He was my advisor. His interest in the Justice System and Bail in the US lead me to graduate school and to become the CEO of the Santa Barbara Superior Court with responsibility for bail review.”—Darrel Parker C’86

Paul Wice

Jessica Lakin

“Jessica embodies so much why Drew professors are awesome. She is a honest mentor, accomplished scholar, ambitious role model, and a genuinely real and warm person. She helped me get into grad school!”—Elizabeth Lee C’03

Dean Lawler

“Dean Lawler was the heart of Drew for me. Her kindness and strength touched my life, and the lives of people close to me so profoundly that I'll never forget her.”—Justin Jackson C'05

“Dr. (Papa) Johnson taught me to do theatre with integrity, research, and honesty which led me to my retirement career of portraying famous women. He shepherded us with love and friendship.”—Eleanor Stearns C’57

Ralph Johnson

Jill Cermele

“Jill helped me grow to become the strong woman I am now by offerring generous doses of both encouragement and kicks in the pants!”—Elizabeth Lee C’03

“Dr. Windfelder and Dr. Van Blerkom were both instrumental figures in my life. Their support and mentorship are the highlights of my education at Drew. I owe my professional career to them both.”—Joseph A. Di Como C’09

Tammy Windfelder and Linda Van Blerkom

“He turned this local girl into a global thinker and changed my life by proving to me I was more than just a student, I was a scholar.”—Colette Walker C’95

Leedom Lefferts

“The hardworking senators in Student Government.”

“When I returned from my junior year abroad studying in Madrid, Spain, Dr. Domincovich encouraged me to apply to Emory University in Atlanta, GA for my M.A. It changed the direction of my life.”—Helene Pawlicki Rhodes C’63

Ruth Domincovich

“I worked for them all four years for work-study. We became very close and they almost adopted me while I was at Drew. They supported and challenged me and influenced my life positively. Love you!!”—Darlene Gnichtel C’96

The staff of the Grad School office... Dr. Grosjean, Linda Blank and Leslie Riordan

Gabriele Hiltl-Cohen

“Gabriele has been my mentor, role-model and friend the four years I worked for her and beyond. I don’t know where she finds the energy for all her work at the DOYO, classes, commission and community artwork. Inspiring!”—Clara Keane C’16

Drew’s art professors.

“I learned more than drawing, painting and art history in Ray Stein and Michael Peglau’s classes—they encouraged me to persevere through challenges and helped define my path in the Forest and beyond.”—Lauren Nelson Drost C’04

“Professor McGuinn and Professor Mundo always encouraged me to listen intently, think critically and act compassionately.”—Franklin Barbosa Jr. C’12

Professors McGuinn and Mundo

“He provided me the encouragement and guidance in writing an honors thesis for my BA degree. What I learned through this experience has stayed with me, and informed my work over 40 years.”—Edward Happ C’74

Jim Pain

Phil Mundo

“I am grateful for Dr. Mundo’s leadership on the Drew DC semester. My time in that program shaped who I am today, including my passion for public service.”—Jenny Noonan Edmonds C’93

“Dr. Harold-Jennings was instrumental in my undergraduate psychology education. He was my first true mentor. I will always be grateful for his unwavering support, kindness, and intellect. Thank you!”—Shannon Gould C’00

George Harold-Jennings

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Jonathan Rose

“Jonathan was my dissertation advisor and a great source of motivation and inspiration. He always cheered me on by closing emails with the word “Onward!”—and onward I went.”—Daniel Moran G’14

“Kristine’s silver bracelets announced her arrival to class. There, she invited us to view the world differently. She gave us North African literature, Paris, and wonderful home-cooked meals.”—Stacy Fischer C’89, G’05

Kristine Aurbakken

Lydia Ledeen

“I met Lydia by chance on a campus tour and she took an hour to tell me why Drew was special. The time she spent left such an impression and she was just as committed to my growth as my advisor.”—Paige Daniels C’07

“Professor Rose brought history to life, encouraged me to think and write like a historian, and was a mentor to me. I was so fortunate to have him as a teacher.”—Carrie-Ann Tkaczyk C’90

Jonathan Rose

Wendy Kolmar

“Every time I sit down and write an email I think of Dr. Kolmar’s business writing class. Without a doubt one of the most useful classes I took at Drew.”—Joe Perz C’89

“Mentors: Deans Holloway (later President); Clarence Craig, Bernhard Anderson, Charles Wesley Ranson. Fellow students, 1948-51; the many students whom it was my privilege to serve 1960-67. With thanks!”—Bill Imler T’51

Fellow students, honored faculty, colleagues and students of the 60s

“Professors Mundo and Yordan are models of what a professor should be: a constant push to be better paired with inexhaustible support. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for both of them.”—Nate Barrett C’13

Phil Mundo and Carlos Yordan

Dr. Susan Kendall

“Dr. Susan Kendall was very inspirational in helping my achieve my goal of receiving my DMin. She gave me encouragement when I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. She is a great addition to Drew.”—David Murphy T’17

“Macari, Vollmer, Valentine, Larkin, Stern, Gay, Rosal, Girmay, Moscaliuc, Waters, Dore-Watson: wonder, truth, beauty, craft: helped us find our voices, our crew, to read & write damn fine poems.”—Lynne McEniry G’11

MFA in Poetry faculty

Hans Morsink

“Hans Morsink reviewed an early draft of a paper with me, effectively editing it together and thus teaching me how to write so much better. I became an effective writer thanks to him.”—Anne Jacobson C’75

“Dr. Jennings taught me the value of self-worth. Dr. Reader taught me to be an analytical thinker. Thanks to Dr. Jennings and Dr. Reader, I earned a degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education.”—Nicole Woods-Kimble

George-Harold Jennings and Jonathan Reader

“Dr. Reader would take points off our term papers for grammar and spelling. Made me realize that not only the concepts were important but the details too. In business it has served me well.”—Becky Willard C’91

Jonathan Reader

Vivian Bull

“I am grateful for counsel of Dr. Bull. In my sophomore year I confided in her about my dream to attend Harvard Business School. She helped map out a plan and was an inspiration. Thank you Dr Bull.”—Sherri Andrews C’85

“Dr. Windfelder has been an amazing mentor, friend, and rock throughout my career. Her constant belief in me has not only forged me into an excellent scientist, but a strong, independent woman as well.”—Olivia Blondheim C’18

Tammy Windfelder

Sara Webb

“Her enthusiasm for the environment and conservation was inspiring. She helped us think beyond what was in a text book and make connections across disciplines.”—Sarah Wolpert Sieminski C’98

“What’s Drew for Me? Looking for a way for alum to mentor current students to propose to the Board, I met a seminarian who needed to talk. It made my day and it encouraged my proposal.”—Larry Coleman T’77

An anonymous seminarian who helped me when I was on the alumni/ae board.

“Grateful for making it possible for me to be the teacher, lawyer and community activist in my circle of influence. Along the way, I have been glad to help the next generation at Drew and beyond.”—Renee (Lopez) Zarro C’86

Lenox S. Rose Scholarship

“So many things! Like the art semester with Kim Rhodes, traveling to Germany with Professor Kavoloski and being part of the history department! Also, the friends that I have made here!”—Jess Gianna C’18

The Commons Staff

“They always took care of us! Reminded us to drink tea when we were sick, added extra cheese to our omelets and made sure we never left hungry.”—Christen Jones C’06

Dr. Jacqueline Berke

“Dr. Berke accompanied a busload of students to see a performance of “Equus” on Broadway. I have never forgotten her insights into the power, the pain, and the passion of 20th century American drama.”—Eugene Lisansky C’77

“I am grateful for all my professors in the Medical Humanities Department, but when I was feeling stressed in class, it was Frank Merckx who always smiled or said something that cheered me up, and on.”—Nancy Masters G’13

Everyone in Medical Humanities, but Frank Merckx in particular

“Al Sawin was a WWII Bronze Star and Purple Heart vet, who admitted me in 1958 and, eight years later, added me to the Admission staff. He wore many hats at Drew, and each fit splendidly.”—Bill Stanford C’62

Dean Alton Sawin, Jr.

Clayton Z. Miller

“Pastor, Alumnus, Adjunct Faculty, Trustee and Drew benefactor; Clayton led me to Drew 40 years ago this September. Setting up my interview before I knew, he gave me the nudge and guidance I needed.”—Ken Sloane T’82, T’86

“Judy’s support of the University is steadfast. As a philanthropist, alumna, and an active member of the Board of Trustees, she has been generous with both time and treasure.”—Beth Kornstein

Judy Campbell P'94, G'10, G'16

“Terry Kohn taught the non-fiction writing seminars during my time at Drew and had a tremendous impact on my future career. I’ve made a living as a non-fiction writer/editor for 30 years now!”—Jamie Bsales C’88

Terry Kohn

Virginia “Ginny” Samuel

“She taught a special class about death and dying. It was taught with great compassion and thought. It gave me the strength, knowledge and love needed to help all my seniors in my congregations.”—Rev. Dorothy Morris T’06

“I’m thankful for the support and patience of the entire economics team!”—Chuck Biczak C’93

The Economics Department

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Karen McCarthy Brown

“She taught me that ethnography is a kind of human relationship: done right it is friendship, mentorship, even family. Her deep ethical sense and honesty anchored me, and her joy in it all inspired me.”—Mei Mei Sanford G’91, G’97

“Drew made me care, and Jim Pain had a lot to do with it. He gave me a sense of self-worth.” —Ward Landrigan C’63

James Pain T’54,’55

“I know my choice of career was directly influenced by what we learned from him—from the power of science to address unmet medical needs to remembering to stop and see the art and poetry in science.”—Heidi Smith C’95

William Campbell

”I'm grateful for all of the educational opportunities and scholarships.”—Ian McGuire C’19

“Dr. Copeland, in 1985 the advisor of the Photography Club, gave this art major the backbone to stand up to an art professor (now retired) who insisted photography is a technical skill, not art.”—Anne Nadel-Walbridge C’86, P’17

John Copeland

“My roommates and quad-mates at Drew—in Tolley Pitt, Holloway, and Riker. They’re among my closest college friends—and their influence is still felt, some 30 years later!”—Dave Terdiman C’89

Jeff Balbirnie C'89, Mike Falk C'90, Aarchan Joshi C'89, Ken Rosen C'90, Brian Sipe C'89, Greg Stanko C'90, & Chris Taggart C'89

“Trish was the first person I encountered when I was thinking about transferring to Drew. She was a great mentor and friend to all CUE students. She opened the door to all that Drew has to offer.”—Sunita Bhargava

Patricia Laprey

The Hoyt Ghost

“The “Hoyt Ghost” is a major part of the Drew experience. I’m donating to keep the Drew school “spirit” alive. (See what I did there?)”—Abby Brinn C’13

“My lifelong friends and the support of my professors.”

“Incredile alums!!!”—President MaryAnn Baenninger

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“As we crossed campus with our guide, she was greeted with a smile and a “hi” by everyone. Though not a classic cheerleader beauty, she still found her place—that’s what I wanted: a place to belong.”—Penny Jessop C’70

The Green Key tour guide who first showed me and my parents the campus.

“There are no words to express the depth of gratitude I have for Frank! He helped me out during a hard time my senior year and changed my life by taking me to a ResLife conference to find a job!”—Shawna Sherrell C’03

Frank Merckx

Roger Knowles

“He was an exemplary mentor whose encouragement helped me grow to my full potential. His achievements and outstanding leadership are worthy of emulation. I would not be where I am today without him.”—Danielle Gregor C’11

“I am deeply grateful for the mentorship of Profs. Anderson and Lee. Their guidance inspired me to take on philosophical and intellectual curiosity as way of life, and helped me to succeed in law school.”—Mirais Holden C’10

Erik Anderson and Seung-Kee Lee

Donald P. Cole

“Don Cole started the Brussels Semester on the European Common Market - I attended that program in the fall of 1972 . He was a great mentor to me in Economics and in life.”—Don Matheson C’74

“Doctor, professor, mentor who just liked to be called Ryan; embodied greatness with humility.”—Alae Kawam C’14

Ryan Hinrichs

“Dr. Windfelder helped me realize my goal of attending veterinary school. Her dedication was essential to the development of the skills that I use daily in my career.”—Ian DeStefano C’10

Tammy Windfelder

Raymond Stein

“A great artist and professor who taught me my senior year (Advanced Studio Projects)... motivated me to paint with more meaning and understand color blending.”—Laurel Simon C’10

“Without Dean Rogers’s support, I wouldn’t have completed my doctoral studies. He saw to it that I had space, time, and means to finish after I suddenly became a homeless single mom. It was life-changing.”—Marguerite Maria Rivas G’01

William Rogers

“Debbie helped me with the analysis for my final psych paper. Without her economics know how, it would have taken me days to correlate the statistics.”—Sharon Dougherty C’80

Deborah Barcafer

“Brian always challenged me to think about a situation from a different perspective. He always played the ’devils advocate.’”—Heather Cantwell Miller C’01

Brian Hughes

“Dr. Phil has been an inspiration to me. He encouraged me to come back to Drew and complete my studies. I completed my MMH and now as one of my readers and advisors I’m pushing towards my DMH. Thank you.” —Dominic Genovese G’16

Phil Scibilia

“He inspired me to broaden my thinking in philosophy. And I remember him saying, ’remember this is just what someone thinks.’”—Jane Sanderson C’67

Ben Kimpel

“There was a great team of professors in the late 70s/early 80s. Each one was inspiring in his/her own unique way. They loved the field and passed on that enthusiasm to all who took their courses.”—Julia Warren C’80

Psychology professors.

Lillie Edwards

“Lillie introduced me to scholars passionate about the African-American narrative, and it had an indelible impact on me. I majored in everything that Lillie Edwards taught.” —Perzavia T. Praylow C’02

“A bunch of us gathered regularly to read Winnie the Pooh and eat Teddy Grahams and laugh a lot. It was a stress relief. This same crew Christmas Caroled to our profs supported each other always.”—Martie Fischer T’90

Pooh parties and teddy grahams.

“The D. Min collaborative among the students and for the student with teams in their place of ministry. The cohort moved as one from start to finish. It opened my mind and practice to new ideas and method.”—James Munro T’93

The team that structured the D.Min program prior to 1990.

“In 1973, Dr. Jensen gave me a gift. In his own way, he let me know he believed in my ability to work harder and do better. How his words changed my feelings about myself and the course of my life!”—Amy Sternhell C’74

Phil Jensen

“An Excellent Dean. Door was always open. Because of Dean Yardley students can receive credit for attending the Hampton University Ministers and Choir Directors Guild.”—Vivian Frazier-Edwards T’05

Ann Yardley

“As faculty advisors to That Medieval Thing, they were a wonderful support to the club that was so integral to my life at Drew. I respect them, I admire them, and I am grateful to them.” —Anne Hagstrom C’08

Professor Hala, President Kean, President Weisbuch

“Professor Maier goes above and beyond her job requirements everyday. She taught me to have confidence to dream bigger, and to always do what I love and be proud of it.”—Rachael Fulreader C’17

Caroline Maier

“Father Coless coached me through the grueling dissertation process. I am forever indebted to him for his candor and support. He and I had some great conversations. He is a special person!“ —Kimberly Flynn G’15

Father Coless

“Dr. McKittrick was the most amazing Professor, advisor, and mentor I could’ve ever asked for. She believed in me and was essential to my acceptance into medical school! Thank you Dr. M!“ —Shammi Patel C’13

Christina McKittrick

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Professor Candiotti

“Always upbeat, always kind, always complimentary. Over the years, remembering him has encouraged me pursuit of my best.”—Renee (Lopez) Zarro C’86

“Dr. Calder is an incredible Professor, mentor, and advisor who has truly changed my life. She is passionate, honest, and knowledgeable, and I am so grateful to have had the chance to work with her.” —Emma Gillespie C’19

Angie Calder

“Through her classes and Jan Term in Paris she taught me how to be a citizen of the world. I now have the opportunity to travel abroad with my own students and I try to do it as well as she did.”—Reagan Baughman C’96

Deborah Morsink

”I'm grateful for the Economics and Business Department for challenging me intellectually!”—Jillian Griffith C’18

Melanie Johnson-Debaufre

“For her never-ending belief in me that extends beyond the classroom and campus.”—Betty Gannon T’13

“I was a sophomore when I transferred to Drew. My dad had just passed away, and I’m deeply grateful for the superb mentoring I received from Neal Malicky, Frank Wolf, Julius Mastro, and Robert Smith.”—Arnie Kotler C’68

Neal Malicky, Frank Wolf, Julius Mastro, and Robert Smith

“Dr. Pain was my advisor for my junior and senior years. A fine teacher, he was also a compassionate and effective advisor who patiently coached me to write effective research papers.”—Jean Marsh C’69

Dr. Jim Pain

“Dr. Fenstermacher was an invaluable mentor during my time at Drew. He is a wonderful teacher, a great advice giver, and an overall interesting person to talk to.” —Ashley Bloodgood C’17

Bob Fenstermacher

“Without his generosity, I would not have graduated on time!”—Chris Walsh C’80

Professor Greenspan

“Prof. Anderson helped shape my thinking from day one. He encouraged me to question everything and develop my own system of beliefs. I am forever grateful.” —Allison Siegel C’08

Erik Anderson

”I am grateful for the Baldwin Honors Program.”—Josephine Emanuelli C’19

“Professor Kohn was a supportive, challenging and life-changing professor. She prepared us for the real world and coached us to the right path.”—Kristin Zeigler C’16

Jennifer Kohn

Catherine Keller

“Catherine Keller creates a space for people to share their scholarship in a very collegial way.” —Mayra Rivera Rivera T’01, G’04,’05

“When I returned from an Exchange Semester at Howard University as a Junior in 1961, I was unsure about where to go to Seminary. It was Jim Pain who encouraged me to apply to, and attend, Oxford.” —Donald Rudalevige C’62, T’66

Jim Pain

“Father Gabriel opened my mind to the Medieval world!”—Jane Jameson G’17

Father Gabriel Coless

”Prof” Smith

“He straightened me out and I went on to become a better student and eventually an executive at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.” —Jim Bloom C’56

“I am grateful for hands-on learning and mentoring. The small, close knit community encourages students to take advantage of everything the university has to offer.”—Eric DiPietro C’19

“He has always motivated me and encouraged me to be the best I can be. Raul has gone from advisor, to mentor, to friend, and I wouldn’t be the educator I am today without his constant support!” —Nick Russo C’13, G’14

Raul Rosales

“As an orientation aid, Shari helped us unload all my belongings into Haselton on my first arrival day and never stopped being a true counselor and friend, even now, 41 years later...” —Paul Stonkus C’80

Shari Tenca Guida

“I'm grateful for the small student to faculty ratio. Drew has provided me with life skills both in the classroom and on the baseball field.”—Joe Grossane C’19

“The history department at Drew in the early ’70s was amazing, in addition to John and Perry, Charles Wetzel was also outstanding. Lois Beekey was the Russian department and left me with a lifetime love for the subject.”—Peter Brown C’74

Lois Beekey, John von der Heide, Perry Leavell, Paul Primamore

“Professor Lenz made studying classics fun and interactive. He has a real passion for his classes which made the learning experience even better.”—Bianca Bellafiore C’17

John Lenz

Liana Piehler

“Liana taught me how to believe in my writing, my ability to tell a story. Thanks to her mentorship and holistic approach to writing, I graduated with a narrative—purpose—that I am proud to share.”—Pete Cole C’02

Rosemary McLaughlin

“Rosemary brought a light and an energy to every class we had with her. She challenged us to write every day and gave our observations real love. I always felt empowered after her class.”—Ryan Crowley-Hughes C’06

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Frank Merckx

“Dean Frank Merckx helped shape me into the person I am today. I am so thankful for all the life lessons I learned under his guidance.” —Kristin Bruno C’08

“I am grateful for study abroad and all the opportunities that Drew University provides. Drew is able to open doors for all students no matter what their interests might be.”—Jaye Santoro C’19

“I am grateful for to the faculty and staff who challenged, encouraged, inspired, mentored and befriended me during the 13 years it took me to get my BA. I can never repay them for all that they gave me.”—Tricia Brown C’13

Drew Faculty & Staff

Billy Hosking

“For Billy, it’s not just about handing out equipment. He cares about us. Billy Hosking exemplifies Drew’s motto to ‘give freely,’ and we should all follow his lead.” —Dennis O’Connor C’89

“She taught me that I can do public service in any discipline.” —Marina Mozam C’19

Angie Kirby-Calder

“Prof. Morsink was my advisor. I took her classes almost every semester. She supported, challenged me and was always available when I needed her. She encouraged me to strive to be better.”—Darlene Gnichtel C’96

Deborah Morsink

William Rogers

“Bill Rogers encouraged and supported me throughout the course of my graduate studies! I would not have achieved my goals without his support!!”—Jane Jameson G’17

Bob Fenstermacher

“Bob Fenstermacher was a good shepherd for me. He’s incredibly patient. He can ratchet it up if you’re ready for it—or ratchet it down if you need to understand the basics." —William Clark C’91

“Dr. Mastro brought politics and government to life and instilled a passion in his students for getting involved and making a difference.” —Laura Hook C’84

Julius Mastro

Maria Masucci

“Maria Masucci inspired me in both academics and life. She was the reason I chose to pursue anthropology and study abroad, both of which positively impacted my life immensely.” —Jackie King C’14

“Professors McGuinn and Mundo taught me how to ask good questions and think critically. Plus, I’ll always be grateful for their incredible support during the arduous honors thesis process!”—Janelle Hoffman C’13

Pat McGuinn and Phil Mundo

“Stats class was one of my favorites and I have been obsessed with data ever since. She is a strong ambassador for Drew and always supportive of the athletic programs!”—Jeramie Barletta C’13

Sarah Abramowitz

Carlos Yordan

“Carlos Yordan showed me the doors I could go through. With foreign policy, it’s not always clear where you should head. He helped me navigate what is often the craziest time of life.” —Thérèse Postel C’10

”I'm grateful for the Civic Scholars program. And Griffin. ♥”—Kassel Franco-Garibay C’20

”I am grateful for RISE science research.”—Ryann Callaghan C'19

Robert Ready

“Bob Ready's writing course felt like a graduate-level seminar. He treated us with respect, and what he taught us, to push for specificity, really stuck with me.” —David Silverman C’89

“With Prof. Mundo as my advisor, his recommendation to take Prof. McGuinn’s education policy class helped me realize that I wanted to work on the inside of school politics to make a difference for students.”—Elise Boykin C’14

Pat McGuinn and Phil Mundo

“I really loved the UN semester at Drew. Professor Doug Simon made sure we got the most out of each speaker. He was engaging, intelligent and funny. NYC was a classroom that I will never forget.” —Bob Duffy C’86, P’20

Doug Simon

“Though, he is not a professor, Bill has been such an instrumental figure. He really cares about the students at Drew. He wants to make sure students are happy and thriving at Drew.” —Tom Chiang C’17

William T. Knox P’96

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Pat McGuinn

“Dr. McGuinn was the professor that inspired my passion for education policy and politics. If it wasn’t for professors like him, I wouldn’t have realized my passion for education.”—Dylan Jones C’15

“Tom Kean is one of the most honorable men I will ever know. He taught me the value of understanding, and led Drew with genuineness and generosity of spirit. He is the definition of ‘mentor.’” —Rob Benacchio C’98

Tom Kean

“Tom Leanos’ responsiveness changed the trajectory of my life. If he hadn’t helped, I’d be in a very different place now.” —Jonathan Russin C’00, G’02

Tom Leanos

“Professor Morsink changed my whole way of thinking about the world. His philosophy and political theory classes provided me with a framework of critical thought that has shaped my life ever since.” —Don Enright C’93

Johannes Morsink

Merrill Maguire Skaggs

“We started out in a student-professor relationship—I took every course she offered—and then we became research and writing colleagues. Merrill Maguire Skaggs was the best friend I’ve ever had in my life.” —Marilyn Callander G’85,’87

”I'm grateful for amazing research opportunities.”—Makayla Pardo C’20

“Perry Leavell had a way of drawing you into a subject. He had command of the classroom. His influence on me lasts until today.” —Maryann Liptock Nergaard C’71

Perry Leavell

Otto Maduro

“Otto Maduro would emphasize that we live in a huge world of six billion people. We are just individuals trying to decipher the truth about our realities—what we contribute is just a minuscule piece. I think he wanted us to keep that in mind so that we’re more humble in our analyses.” —Samuel Cruz G’99,’03

“Dr. Rosan was a teacher, a counselor, a mentor and so much more. I owe my professional career to him.” —Emilio Cordova C’90

Alan Rosan