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Student Alumni Association

Your lifelong engagement with the University starts now.

Celebrate philanthropy.  Connect with alumni.  Continue traditions.

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Senior Gift Society

SAA continues the long-standing tradition of giving through the Senior Gift Society. Class of 2019, be sure to attend our Senior Gift Society events this year!

Student Alumni Association Application

Do you have Drew pride and spirit? Are you grateful for the Drew experience? Want to represent Drew at special donor events? SAA is the organization for you!

Student Alumni Association Application
Terms of Membership

SAA members are accepted into SAA after successful completion of an application process. Membership is capped at 40 CLA students. SAA members must be in good social and academic standing as defined by Daniel’s Dictionary, and must represent Drew University at the highest level with integrity, professionalism, and school spirit.
All members are expected to thoughtfully participate in all SAA meetings, events, and other activities that relate to the mission of the SAA.

The SAA Adviser may revoke membership in the following instances:

Failure to notify the association adviser and Chief of Staff of absences.

Inability to meet participation requirements established by subcommittees at the beginning of the academic year.

More than two unexcused absences. Examples of excused absences include class and academic-related commitments, on or off-campus job/internship, athletic contests/practices, and religious and/or family obligations.

Violation of the student conduct policy and/or academic policy.

*The above is a summary of the membership policy. The complete bylaws are distributed separately.