Virtual Arts & Letters Salon


Recording: Spring 2020 Virtual Arts & Letters Salon

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The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies and Office of Alumni and Parent Communities presented

A Virtual Arts & Letters Salon

Made possible by the generous support of Werner Kofler T’03, G’05

American Constitutional History: Establishing the Supreme Court in the 1790s

Presented by Dr. Jude Pfister G’07

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Jude Pfister, G’07, discussed his 2018 book, The Creation of American Law: John Jay, Oliver Ellsworth, and the 1790s Supreme Court. The book was inspired by his 2007 dissertation. With the Constitutional Convention in 1787, America was set on a course to develop a unique system of law with roots in the English common law tradition. This new system, its foundations in Article III of the Constitution, called for a national judiciary headed by a supreme court (the only court actually created by the Constitution)—which first met in 1790. This talk will provide a history of America’s national law with a look at those who set in motion not only the new Supreme Court, but also the new federal judiciary.

The Werner Kofler Arts & Letters Endowment was endowed in 2011 by Werner Kofler T’03, G’05 to provide a Doctor of Letters discussion group for the Arts & Letters program in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.