Arts & Letters Salon.


Arts & Letters Salon

Irwin Rommel: True Nature of the Famous General with Dr. Werner Kofler T’03, G’05

Saturday, April 28
2:30 p.m.
Learning Center 30

Field Marshal Irwin Rommel, one of Hitler’s most charismatic generals best known for his victories during the Western Desert Campaign, 1941–1943, became a legend to those who fought against him. Today, however, Rommel and his exploits are not highly regarded by military historians. Hear historian Dr. Werner Kofler reveal the true nature of the general and the leadership he brought to bear, and judge for yourself who Rommel was and what his impact on World War II history should be.

The Werner Kofler Arts & Letters Endowment was endowed in 2011 by Werner Kofler T’03, G’05, to provide a Doctor of Letters discussion group for the Arts & Letters program in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies.


Arts & Letters Salon, Spring 2018