Quiz: What's Your Drew Spirit Animal?


Quiz: What’s Your Drew Spirit Animal?

Besides the Drew swag–wearing variety of Homo sapiens, The Forest is home to many species of fauna. These critters are an integral part of campus life, and here we aim to pair you with your true Drew spirit animal.

1. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Professional athlete
Police officer
2. What’s your ideal vacation?
Romantic skydiving adventure with your S.O.
All-you-can-eat cruise with the extended family
Spring break with the team
Cross-country RV road trip
Couples-only resort in Jamaica
Disney World with the kids
Camping in Yosemite
3. Alarm set for what time?
The dawn
Between naps
Game time
4. Pick an emoji.
5. What’s your favorite meal?
Salad bar
Filet mignon
Peanuts and crackerjack
6. Favorite Drew hangout?
Simon Forum
Tolley Pit
Ehinger Center
Your dorm
The Commons
Hoyt 4th
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Red-tailed hawk
Got a lot of personality? So does your Drew spirit animal, the red-tailed hawk. These birds of prey soar and dive for their carnivorous dinners and make themselves at home just about anywhere. They’re vocal when hunting or soaring—especially when annoyed. The red-tailed hawk is monogamous and often only takes a new mate when its first love dies. Awww.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
White-tailed deer
An insatiable appetite and lack of appropriate habitation make your Drew spirit animal—the white-tailed deer—pervasive in The Forest. Always alert, the deer has many ways of communicating to protect and connect with its family. The horizontally slit pupil allows for excellent vision, day or night. Good jumpers, deer eat just about any plant, as your garden is likely well aware.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Gray Squirrel
The gray squirrel—your Drew spirit animal—lets its stomach be its life guide. Considered a scatter-hoarder, these critters have great spatial memory (so they can find where they hid food) and will go anywhere to find food and a safe place to stay (including the walls and halls of your dorm). Fearless and bushy tailed, squirrels know how to look out for themselves—and their food.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Prefer night classes? So does your Drew spirit animal. The raccoon is nocturnal and often social, though somes flies solo. With a good memory and smarts, its front paws have five digits, making it easier to attack trash cans, fruit trees and create dens in attics. This party animal is too cool for school and wears his sunglasses at night.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Painted turtle
Take it easy, bask in the sun—just like the painted turtle, your Drew spirit animal. These reptiles wake at sunrise, bake in the sun for hours, then take underwater naps on cycle all day. They feed on plants and fish found in their native ponds and recognize their homes visually. As for courtship, the male follows the female until she is receptive, then the affection begins.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Whistle pig, woodchuck, thickwood badger—a groundhog by any other name is still a groundhog, and it’s your Drew spirit animal. This omnivorous critter makes its home underground in burrows and hibernates in winter. Looks can be deceiving: Groundhogs are great swimmers and tree climbers, alert their friends to danger by whistling and orient their young to life outside the burrow as a family.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Ranger bear
You are so Drew, your spirit animal is the embodiment of school spirit: Ranger Bear. On and off the field, he's here when you need him, energizing the crowd, supporting students, welcoming all to campus. He's fun, outgoing and knows how to have a good time—Drew style. Is there any other kind?