Quiz: What's Your Drew Spirit Animal?


Quiz: What’s Your Drew Spirit Animal?

Besides the Drew swag–wearing variety of Homo sapiens, The Forest is home to many species of fauna. These critters are an integral part of campus life, and here we aim to pair you with your true Drew spirit animal.

1. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Professional Athlete
2. What’s your ideal vacation?
Skydiving Adventure
Spring break with the team
Cross-country trip
Tropical retreat
Camping in Yosemite
3. Alarm set for what time?
Between naps
4. Pick an emoji.
5. What’s your favorite meal?
Salad bar
Filet Mignon
Peanuts and Crackerjacks
6. Favorite Drew hangout?
Simon Forum: the home of Drew Athletics, Campus Rec and fitness classes
Ehinger Center: the campus hub featuring Starbucks, the Eatery and Student Life
Zuck Arboretum: Drew's on-campus nature preserve trail
Your dorm: your own space to hang out with friends and classmates
Hoyt 4th: the rumored residence of Drew's notorious ghost
The Commons: home base for your meals, mail pickup and the Drew University Bookstore
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Red-tailed hawk
Got a lot of personality? So does your Drew spirit animal, the red-tailed hawk. These birds of prey gracefully dive for their dinners, are very vocal and make themselves at home just about anywhere. You can spot the red-tailed hawk soaring throughout the treetops of The Forest.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
White-tailed deer
Often spotted alongside a herd of friends, the white-tailed deer—your Drew spirit animal—makes themselves known as members of The Forest. Always alert, the deer has many ways of communicating to protect and connect with its family. You can spot the white-tailed deer all over campus, from the Zuck Arboretum, to nibbling on some greens back by the Tolley-Brown Circle.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Gray Squirrel
Fearless and bushy tailed, your Drew spirit animal—the squirrel—knows how to look out for themselves (and their snacks!). This nutty creature is a beloved member of The Forest, and you'll see them on The Path and around every corner.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Prefer night classes? So does your Drew spirit animal. The raccoon is nocturnal and often social. With a good memory and smarts, this party animal is too cool for school and wears his sunglasses at night.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Painted turtle
Take it easy, bask in the sun—just like the painted turtle, your Drew spirit animal. These reptiles wake at sunrise, bake in the sun for hours, then take underwater naps throughout the day. You can spot painted turtles while taking a stroll on campus through Zuck Arboretum.
What's your Drew spirit animal?
Ranger bear
You are so Drew, your spirit animal is the embodiment of school spirit: Ranger Bear. On and off the field, he's here when you need him, supporting students and welcoming all to campus. He's fun, outgoing and knows how to have a good time—Drew style. You'll spot Ranger Bear at athletic events in Ranger Stadium and at on-campus events.