10 Reasons Why Parents Love Drew.


For Parents

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As a parent, you know choosing the right college is an investment your entire family makes. At Drew, we know this, too. We also know the best people to tell you what Drew is really like are other parents whose insights can shed light on your most important questions and concerns.

1) A Drew Degree Leads to Jobs

“Attending Drew University was a positive, life-changing experience for my daughters that set them on the right course for their medical careers. Right now, one daughter is a physician working in her residency and the other daughter is a third-year medical school student.” Kathy Vazzana, Parent of Kathleen Vazzana '10 and Virginia Vazzana '12

“Drew gave my daughter an academically strong base for her intellectual growth, and the school’s internship program provided her with an inside track to success in the media world.” Shawna McCarthy, Parent of Cayley Barlowe Arbitsman ’10

2) Preparation for Top Graduate Schools

“Thomas attended one of the top colleges in the nation, Williams College—on a full scholarship—pursuing a master’s degree in art history. From there he went on for a PhD. Drew has certainly helped him to achieve his goals.” Steve and Nancy Price, Parents of Thomas Price ’15

“Drew helped Franklin hone the skills necessary to succeed in law school and the legal profession. The environment encouraged him to excel academically while consciously reflecting on the social, political and economic issues affecting the world around him. His professors always challenged him to think critically and articulate his viewpoints with conviction.” Franklin and Rosemarie Barbosa, Parents of Franklin Barbosa Jr. '12

3) Mentoring by Prestigious Faculty

“Our daughter, Brittany, had several advisors and she could communicate openly with each one. They were easy to meet with and gave her a substantial amount of guidance. The classes were fantastic and she has great relationships with her professors. Brittany was always engaged and involved!” David and Tracy Ferrara, Parents of Brittany Ferrara ’17

“Every Drew administrator and professor takes obvious pride in the school and the students. I feel so lucky that my daughter is part of the Drew community and that she had these professors to help her develop her worldview.” Holly Atha, Parent of Haviland Atha-Simonton '18

4) Campus-to-City

“The town and campus are incredibly safe. There are awesome opportunities for New York City internships, since the Big Apple is just a short train ride away from a station very near to the campus.” Marc-andre Lachance, Parent of Zoey Lachance ‘18

“Drew offers proximity to New York City for arts and cultural opportunities, a warm and inviting atmosphere and a culture of inclusion not found at a lot of liberal arts colleges. Drew is small enough for my daughter to know a large percentage of the community, but large enough for her to feel challenged and find a vast number of places where she can fit.” Anne Abrams Nadel-Walbridge, Parent of Danya Nadel '17

5) Hands-on Learning

“Drew had unique opportunities to learn in the real world. Charlie participated in the London Semester and enrolled in the Semester on the United Nations. Pearl was thrilled with the neuroscience program and did research in the Drew Summer Science Institute. And now our third child, Robert, is at Drew and having a great experience as well.” Richard and Sharon Sutter, Parents of Charles Sutter '16, Pearl Sutter '18, and Robert Sutter '21

“My daughter traveled to South Africa to do research in the area of medical anthropology. There, she learned directly from traditional medicine men and modern physicians. She toured the country and met prison guards who watched over Nelson Mandela. The research she did helped with her honors thesis—and the trip itself is something she will never forget.” Shelley Nadel, Parent of Leah Nadel ’18

6) Customized Paths of Study

“One of the great things about Drew is that students have the opportunity to find what is right for them due to the broad program offerings. Our son wanted to play lacrosse and major in economics and was able to do both. Off-campus academic programs and extracurricular experiences further enhanced his education.” Sheraine Arbitsman, Parent of Gil Arbitsman ’07

“My daughter really valued the research options available to her. Drew’s undergraduate neuroscience program, with its small class sizes and opportunities to conduct significant research at the undergraduate level, were the big selling points for us. Aside from Susan’s major field of study, she continues pursuing her interest in Italian culture. She participated in a summer program in Orvieto, Italy, was a member of the student club CIAO and launched an Italian culture theme house called Piccola Italia.” Luann Weiner, Parent of Susan Weiner '17

7) Rigorous Academics

“Our son was always a high-performing student, but at Drew he went from being an excellent student to becoming a scholar.” Nancy and Steve Price, Parents of Thomas Price ’15

“My son has been doing research at Drew University since the summer before his first semester. As a rising junior, he was asked to present his research at the Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology and he had work published in the Metabolic Engineering Communications journal. It is amazing that, as an undergraduate, he presented at an academic conference and published research.” Kathy Lowther, Parent of Drew Stenger '17

8) A Community of Diversity

“I love that Drew is a small school—it feels like a family. But I also love that there are students at Drew from 42 different countries. The student body is relatively small in number—but I feel that, in some ways, my daughter has the world right at her fingertips.” Holly Atha, Parent of Haviland Atha-Simonton '18

“Drew’s small community—and its students with diverse interests and backgrounds—gave our children a feeling of freedom to explore things they had never tried before. Our daughter stepped out of her comfort zone and went into New York City for her internship in her senior year. Our son took risks by involving himself in new activities like intramural rugby, jazz band, the radio station and many others.” Jeff and Rachelle Kramer, Parents of Katherine Kramer ’12 and Jonathan Kramer ’18

9) Freedom to Pursue Multiple Interests

“All of our children have had a positive experience at Drew. Each finds the many extracurricular offerings and the support of fellow students satisfying. They are involved in rugby, fencing, Hillel, the Pre-Health Society and the Residence Hall Association, and serve as tour guides.” Richard and Sharon Sutter, Parents of Charles Sutter '16, Pearl Sutter '18, and Robert Sutter '21

“Jenny thrived at Drew. She was in three great honors and research programs—Baldwin, Civic and RISE—and also on the swimming and diving teams. She loved the Civic Scholars program and she volunteered frequently throughout the year. She was also selected to be a resident advisor.” Mel Stein and Alice Salvo, Parents of Jennifer Stein ’18

10) Bang for Your Buck

“We had narrowed down the decision to two colleges. Both institutions were beyond our financial reach. Determined to try to make our daughter’s dream a reality, we applied for financial aid. From the beginning, Drew demonstrated a commitment to do all that was possible. The admissions counselor worked directly with the financial aid office to advocate for our needs. I knew then that Drew would treat us like members of the community instead of like strangers.” Michelle Backe, Parent of Ashley Backe ’19