To be tutor with the CLA Subject Tutoring program, an applicant must be registered for classes in the current semester to work for the .

If you are interested in becoming a CLA subject tutor, please stop by the front desk at the Writing Center (Brothers College, first floor) and ask for an application to be a tutor.  If there is no one at the desk, please leave us a note with your name, e-mail, and phone number and we will get back to you.

To qualify to be a subject tutor, an applicant is required to have COMPLETED the course s/he is interested in tutoring and received a grade of A- or above.  Exceptions will be made only based on written recommendations by a faculty member in the case of particular courses.

All subject tutors are required to attend mandatory (paid) training sessions and professional development sessions through the semester.  Nonattendance to mandatory training is grounds for termination of employment with the OAS.

Tutors take responsibility for responding to ALL e-mail communication from the tutoring staff within 24 hours.  Noncompliance is grounds for termination of employment with the OAS.

The OAS Subject Tutoring Program works on an honor basis.  Submitting work hours that do not tally up with required end-of-session assessment forms is grounds for immediate termination of employment.

Upon receiving your application, we will send you further instructions. Please give us 5-7 days to process your request.