Making Appointments

  1. To request a tutor for a course, please stop by at the front desk at the Center for Academic Excellence (library, 1st floor) and fill out a request for tutor form. If no one is at the desk, please leave us a note with your e-mail, and we will be in touch.
  2. Once we receive your request, we will set up an initial appointment in the Writing Centerwith you, your tutor, and a staff member  to go over tutoring regulations, requirements, guidelines, and expectations.  After this first meeting, tutors and students set up their own meeting schedules.  Please note that if we don’t have a tutor for your course on our roster, it might take us 7-10 days to hire a tutor. Occasionally, it is challenging to find a tutor for a particular course.  While we do our very best to connect students with tutors, please know that we cannot guarantee a tutor for every course.
  3. Tutoring will be conducted as one-on-one sessions or group sessions as agreed in discussions with faculty members and staff.  Before mid-terms and finals, depending on student request, we try to set up walk-in hours for a select number of courses that present a high demand.  Please check with our staff at the front desk of the Writing Center for further information.
  4. Students are REQUIRED to complete the second half of the (purple) end-of-session form at the end of every session.  Failure to complete the form may be grounds for termination of the tutoring contract with our office. Tutors will have this form with them at every session, and will complete the top half at the beginning of the session in conversation with the student.

Some Useful Information About Appointments:

  • For one-on-one sessions, each student is allowed 2 hours of tutoring per subject per week.  For exceptions to this policy, see below.
  • If you have academic accommodations, please e-mail CLA Academic Services and we will try to set up extended sessions depending on tutor availability.
  • We value the time and commitment of our tutoring staff. If a student is more than 10 minutes late for an appointment without prior communication with tutor or staff, s/he will be considered a ‘no show,’ and this absence will be noted by the tutor on the purple end-of-session form.  After 2 (two) no shows, the tutor may be reassigned to a different student, and the absent student will lose tutoring privileges for the remainder of that semester.  S/he will need to contact the program staff directly about having access to future tutoring sessions.