Instructions for Students in the Elementary Education Program

(K-5/Special Education) at the College of St. Elizabeth (CSE)

Current Faculty Advisor to Education Program students is Prof. Andy Elliott, ARTS 132 or (973) 408-3323

  1. Each semester, the Office of Academic Services will host an information session for all students interested in the Education program. Representatives from CSE and the Registrar’s Office will be available to answer questions.
  2. Students typically enter the program in their second semester of freshman year.  Students must enter the program by their first semester of the sophomore year. This may require an additional semester and/or Summer and Intersession courses to be taken.
  3. Students should work closely with their Drew Academic Advisor as well as their Education Advisor at CSE to avoid scheduling conflicts and to ensure successful completion of requirements at both institutions.View requirements by semester: Education program
  4. Students should review their Elementary Education semester-by-semester plan each semester to ensure proper progress.
  5. Each semester, students should review the course offerings at CSE through this link:
  6. Select courses in the Education program FIRST, as their availability is limited and you can work your Drew schedule around those classes.
  7. In mapping out your overall schedule, keep in mind the commuting time necessary (including time to park and get to class). All students in the CSE program will need to reserve Tuesday mornings (8:30am-11:30am, plus commuting time) in their schedules in both fall and spring semesters for site observations at local schools.
  8. All students must take and pass the PRAXIS teaching exam prior to their 7th semester of enrollment.
  9. Once you have selected the courses you would d like to take at CSE, you should complete the “College of St. Elizabeth Cross Registration Form,” available at the following link:  Important note: ANY requests for changes to your registration (add/drop, for example) must be submitted through this form. You should NOT drop Education classes via CampusWeb.
  10. This form will be sent to the Registrar and processed.
    • There is no additional cost for students enrolled in the Education program if courses are taken in the fall and spring semesters. Students enrolling in Summer/Intersession Courses must pay CSE tuition and fees
    • Courses taken in the Education program will count in your Drew GPA
    • You must maintain a combined (Drew/CSE) 2.75 GPA in order to remain in the Education program
    • Each semester, the Office of Academic Services will verify your enrollment in the program and forward your name to the Department of Public Safety (freshmen and sophomores) so that you can have your car on campus. The Housing Office will also be notified in case you need to move onto campus earlier based on CSE’s academic calendar.
    • All Education students taking classes at CSE, need to make an appointment with Gloria Ziobro in Security 973-290-4603, to get a parking decal for their campus. Her office is located on the ground floor of Henderson Hall.

Please ask if you are required to bring any documentation.

Contact Information

Sr. Teresa A. Bruno

Assistant Professor
Department: Education – U
Phone: (973) 290-4341

Ms. Deborah F. Brown

Student Support Specialist
Department: Area Human & Social Devel
Phone: (973) 290-4287
Office: Santa Maria Hall, Floor: 1, Room 13B