Drew University Department of Disability Services

Dear Parents:

Welcome to the exciting, sometimes overwhelming, world of becoming a parent of a college student!  As, members of the department of Disability Services, we are here to provide guidance, advising, and support to your student as s/he navigates the college experience.  This information is meant to serve as a guide to you as parents as you prepare for this new chapter in your family’s life.

To get started with Disability Services, your son or daughter needs to schedule an initial appointment. Those appointments can be scheduled during the summer (the very best choice if you are within driving distance of campus), in the days immediately preceding move-in day, or during Week One. The earlier the better! Contact 973-408-3962 to schedule the appointment.

In order to help ease the transition to independence for both you and your son/daughter, please consider these tips:

1. Encourage your student to be responsible and accountable for his/her own educational experience.  You can foster independence and responsibility in a variety of ways, including encouraging your student to:

a. Check the Drew email account on a regular basis and respond to all emails in a timely manner

b. Meet with instructors right away when questions or difficulties arise

c. Maintain contact with the academic advisor and Disability Specialist throughout the year

d. Seek out and become familiar with college resources

e. Comply with all college policies

f. Self-advocate, especially when it comes to the disability

2. If your student contacts you because s/he is very upset about something, advise your student to seek help from the available college resources.  These could include instructors, academic advisors, the Dean of Students office, the Registrar’s Office, Residence Life staff, and Disability Services.

3. Ask your student to keep you informed about academic progress.  Please remember that grades and other academic information are not mailed to students’ homes, and there is not a parent portal where you can check grades.

Here are a few pointers about what not to do:

  1. Please do not ask your child to give you his/her Drew password.  This information is confidential, and your student could lose internet privileges for giving it to you. Instead, encourage your student to keep you informed of important academic information (such as grades).
  2. Please do not call faculty members and ask for information about your child.  Instead, talk directly with your son or daughter.  Encourage your student to be in close contact with the faculty member, the Registrar, and/or the Dean of Students office.

Campus Resources:

There are many resources available to Drew students.  Here are some that you may want to be familiar with:

Resources for Parents:

Here are a few books that you may find helpful as you navigate through this new process:

Who to Contact:

Again, please encourage your son or daughter to communicate independently with instructors, advisors, and other college personnel if they have a question or concern.  If you have further concerns, please contact:

  • Student Disability Services – 973-408-3962
  • Dean of Students Office – 5973-408-3390

We wish the very best to you as you begin this exciting journey!