Through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA), the International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC), certifies tutoring programs which offer in-depth professional development training for their peer and professional tutors.
Drew University’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE) is in the process of becoming a certified tutor training program through CRLA-ITTPC. With this, the CAE began CRLA certification training for tutors in Spring, 2014. The training expectations and program breadth will continue to grow moving forward until each tutor working at Drew University will be required to go through level one training to become certified (projected Fall 2015).

Tutors are certified through the Center for Academic Excellence and are designated as such based on three levels of full training:
ITTPC Certification Levels*:
Level One Certified Tutor
Level Two Advanced Certified Tutor
Level Three Master Certified Tutor
Each level requires that you complete the requirements of the previous level. An additional ten hours of training and 25 hours of experience are required at the new level.

The professional development workshops for Drew Tutors are held weekly throughout each semester.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

• Tutoring Do’s and Don’ts
• Learning Theory
• Assertiveness and Handling Difficult Students
• Goal Planning
• Communication Skills
• Study Skills
• Critical Thinking
• Assessing/Changing Study Behaviors
• Diversity and Special Needs
• Self-Regulated Learning
• Tutoring Target Populations
• Structuring the Learning Experience
• Using and Creating Tutoring Resources


For more information on the CRLA-ITTPC training at Drew University, please contact:

Jana McKelroy
Tutor Trainer, Level 3 Master Certified Tutor

Maya Sanyal, PhD.

*Note: CRLA certifies programs, not individual tutors. In other words, CRLA certifies that a particular tutor training program is qualified to issue CRLA certificates to individual tutors they train at their program’s certification approved levels and dates.